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Lost and found

“Smart phone. Dumb owner. Kind finder.” That just about sums up the day.

I was preoccupied on that day with searching for my lost phone. I searched my small car several times. We were traveling most of the day. My wife called the lost-and-found departments of places we had stopped. Each said that no phone had been turned in.

When we returned home, I glanced at our front porch to see if a box of vegetables that I had left for a friend had been picked up. It had, and in its place was my phone. The phone sat atop a white napkin. Someone named Terry (or Tony) had scribbled on the napkin, “I found your phone and wallet. I called AAA and they weren’t able to help. I tried to get a contact number to let you know. I called a credit card to get ahold of your wife. They blocked the card. You will have to call them. Have a great day. Terry (or Tony).”

I immediately checked the pockets (wallet) of my phone holder where I keep two credit cards and my driver’s license (that includes my address). I don’t carry cash. Everything was in order. I had lost nothing but my pride.

While feeling great relief and gratitude, I also felt a little “creeped out.” Some person, male or female, had gone through everything in my wallet, had made a trip to our house and had tried to “get ahold of” my wife.

I’m convinced that Terry (or Tony) returned my phone and wallet because The Golden Rule was tattooed on his/her heart. Because he/she didn’t give me a last name or phone number, he/she clearly returned my phone because he/she knew it was the right thing to do.

Is this a great country or what?