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November 13, 2019

November 13, 2019 November 13, 2019

• I would like to comment on the Corydon Town (Council). My question is, if they don’t have the money for the sewer and water and stuff, why do we have town cops … ? I think it’s a good idea to do away with town cops. We pay for their cars, we pay for their salaries, we pay for their insurance.

• If you’re going to call and complain about how long the kids go to school, you should probably use better grammar to do so. As far as how long they do go, it’s the right amount of time that the state has determined, and getting off on Fridays is only shorter because they go longer during the rest of the days.

• I see that the voters in Corydon overwhelmingly by enormous margins voted to throw out the current members of the town board. Well, one of the reasons that I believe that they did this was the large water and sewer rate increases that were passed … Will the new members of the board vote to sweep (town manager Rand Heazlitt) out of office … ? And if they do, the new town board should make sure that any new town manager lives within the town limits and will have to live with the decisions made by the town unlike the current town manager who does not live within the town limits.

• Instead of everybody griping about government, which they can’t do anything about, why in the (heck) don’t they do something about all these soliciting phone calls? They call you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and being on a no-call list doesn’t do any good. Do something about these calls. I’m sick of them.

• I’m calling about the article in Section B2 of this week’s Corydon Democrat titled “Wanted: Hunters to help hungry Hoosiers.” Feeding the hungry is a noble cause, but killing animals to do it is not. There is plenty of protein in plants, mainly beans, and you can feed a whole lot more people with plants …

• I watch NASCAR and Xfinity series on TV whenever they have it on. Getting tired of it really. I wonder who do you call to get a petition or complain about Kyle Petty? How do we shut Kyle Petty up? Would somebody call in to Live Wire and let me know? …