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October 30, 2019

October 30, 2019 October 30, 2019
  • I would like for someone on here to explain who owns the fairgrounds and is it or is it not separated from the Hayswood (Nature Reserve)? Does the county own it? Does the city own it? Who owns the fairgrounds? (in) Corydon, Ind.?

Editor’s note: The Harrison County Fairgrounds in Corydon is owned by the Harrison County Agricultural Society. The property is separate from the Hayswood Nature Reserve, which is owned by Harrison County and managed by the county’s parks department.


  • Well, it’s getting cooler and soon it will be cold, snowy and icy. Let’s have some compassion for the animals. Please, if you see dogs without the right shelter to protect them from the cold, please contact the Harrison County Animal Control. You have to be their voice.


  • My name is Margaret. I want to commend the article by Lee Hamilton for the immigration. He says we should continue to be a nation of immigrants. I wholeheartedly agree with his viewpoint. He is right on. Just wanted to acknowledge that excellent article.


  • Last week, someone called in and explained what the Electoral College does and what it was created for. They put a spin on it to make it sound like it functions fairly in today’s elections. … The Electoral College in today’s age, in today’s election, is very unfair. Mathematically speaking, it proportionally gives much more say to states with small populations than it does to states with large populations. It also causes the candidates to focus on a few states that are so-called battleground states, ignoring the rest of the states, some of them totally. This Electoral College is unfair and does not work in today’s elections. It was also created to prevent an uneducated and uninformed electorate from electing a person that was incapable of holding office or unfit to hold office. … When you couple the fact that it proportionally gives more say to states with smaller populations with the fact that all states have two senators and only two votes, you have to admit small states with small populations have much more say and much more power than they proportionally should be allotted. It’s not fair, and it should be done away with.


  • The Harrison County Chamber dinner (Oct. 18) was great. The speaker was Ben Rhodes, a NASCAR truck series driver. He was very entertaining, and the fact he lives in Lanesville is awesome.


  • The Kentuckiana Barbecue championship needs to return to the Fred Cammack (Corydon) Farmers Market location. It is too isolated at the fairgrounds to draw a large crowd. I was disappointed.


  • Please, if you are considering getting a pet, please visit the Harrison County (Animal Control Facility). They have so many great dogs and so, so many cats and kittens that need good homes. Remember, the pedigree slogan: adopt, donate and volunteer.


  • I’m calling about stupid Verizon. They keep telling me I cannot use my phone. They’re updating. They’re updating. They’re updating. Why don’t they update it one time and forget it?


  • The evidence is in on Trump … that Trump extorted a foreign leader to dig up dirt on his opponent in the next election. This man bribed the leader of Ukraine with money that was supposed to go to Ukraine to help fight against an armed Russian invasion. Lives were on the line, and Trump used the money to bribe this man to help him personally. If this is not enough to get this man out of office, I don’t know what is. This is un-American. Totally un-American. This is immoral. This is breaking the law. This man needs to be in jail, not just impeached. Anyone who continues to support this man — and I’m sure those people are watching Trump TV and fake news that says Trump did nothing wrong — they need to watch real news and find out what’s going on so they know who this man is and how dirty he is. …


  • Applause and thank you to the South Harrison Community Center and the Harrison County Public Library for bringing attention to the fantastic job Dr. Chris Tuell is (doing) in his specialty of chemical and behavioral addiction. His message in Elizabeth was clear and impacted lives of all ages. The entire population of Harrison County would have benefited by their attendance.


  • I’ve been watching today some of the so-called hearings of them trying to impeach our president that they had behind closed doors. A lot of good Congressmen are wanting to hear what’s going on behind closed doors, but our socialist Democrats, which you might as well say have become Russians, are now keeping American citizens away behind closed doors. We can assassinate, we can brutalize our president any way we want to, but we can’t do nothing. We can’t listen and hear who is trying to say what they want to say against our president, against our country. It’s a sad day when America has turned to socialism. These Democrats are out of control. They talk about Russia. We’ve got a Russia right here. America better stand up and say we want freedom. We want our Congressmen and our government wide open. We don’t want closed doors. We want America. We want what we’re supposed to have. Of the people, for the people, not against the people. Aw, it’s a sad day.


  • This is in reference to the caller about Walmart putting benches in the store so people can sit down. … Putting benches in Walmart for people to sit down, people ain’t shopping; they’re sitting there resting. …
  • I have two comments, if I may. The first is to the person who said we should vote to help keep God’s commandments. That leaves out Trump because he broke the seventh commandment. The second is to the person who asked if Hillary was a Republican would we go after her the way we have been going after Trump. The answer to that is, yes, if she was doing what Trump is doing.
  • This is for the drivers of Harrison County: Please use your turns signals. If you don’t know what they’re for, check your owner’s manual.


  • God, family, Trump and Harleys. What more do you need?


  • Trump’s TV ad says we have the best incomes in history. I’d like to know who he’s talking about, because I’m still living from paycheck to paycheck. So, how are you doing?


  • According to Russia, Baghdadi was killed in 2017. Trump seems to believe Russia over our intelligence agencies, so I guess that’s the truth. Baghdadi was killed in 2017. Trump’s a fake.


  • All I’ve got to say about Trump is lock him up.