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October 23, 2019

October 23, 2019 October 23, 2019

• If you go to one of Trump’s rallies, you’d think you were at a big wrestling match the way the people act. …

• Thanks to all the volunteers that worked so hard to make Celebrate Laconia day an enjoyable and successful event. Hope it continues in the future.

• Here it is, almost time to vote again. Election time is upon us. I want to encourage you all to please consider your votes, whether you be Democrat or Republican. Please don’t vote for the ones that’s going to promote things that’s against God’s ordinances because that brings shame and reproach upon our nation. Shame and reproach. Doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat or Republican; try to vote the way that would help keep God’s ordinances and commandments.

• As adults, we’re all responsible for what’s going on in the world as far as the environment and, recently, I had some new neighbors buy some land next to me and this got me thinking about it. First thing they done was set up a burn barrel and burned their trash and the first thing I know is you smell this horrible smell of burning plastic. Now, burning plastic in the open environment is not against the law. It should be. All these little children growing up now, in 30 years they’re going to be wearing respirators just to be able to go outside, and I don’t think that’s right as an old timer. The environment’s all our responsibility, and I just don’t feel that this is right, and I think my neighbors are wrong doing that but, again, it’s their property. I guess they do what they think they need to do, but I think they should not have their little children out there while they’re burning because they’re breathing this toxic air and it’s not doing them any good. It didn’t do me any good because I had to smell this burning plastic for hours.

• It’s me again on the environment; just a brief message. It just seems like every generation back, way back, has left a new generation just a little bit worse off than the one before and, if we’re not careful, we’re going to leave our youngsters growing up now one heck of a mess. All humans. Not just the United States or China or whoever. Everybody. This new movement, the young lady that spoke with the general assembly at the United Nations, they’ve got the right idea. They’ve got to get moving. We’ve got to stop this now. We’ve got to save this old world before it’s too late, if it’s not already too late. I hope not. I just think about the little kids.

• This is in response to the employment feedback you had a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you, the company I worked for is zeroing in on the older people. They’re really coming down hard on one of our oldest on second shift. Now let me tell you, H.R.; you’re the one that’s doing all the dirty work and one time it’s going to come back and bite you. You know too much. Your name is in the book. And, yes, there’s a book. The reason you deny it is because it’s been denied to you. And, let me tell the second generation general manager, … you’re in your mid- to late 40s. It’s going to come back and bite you … because one day these youngsters are going to do to you what you’ve been doing to the older people …

• I would like to comment on the raise South Harrison employees received. We are very appreciative of the raise but just wondering why support staff did not receive back pay and everyone else but us got the back pay?
• I’d like to know why we’re giving $400 million to Ukraine when Social Security and the homeless people in this United States, I don’t think we need to be giving communists any money. The only thing I can say is I hope somebody locks the doors in the zoo because I think the monkeys are loose.

• This comment goes out to the South Harrison school board. With the way our schools are growing in this community, it’s virtually impossible for the custodians to get the buildings as clean as they want to on the breaks because they’re doing 30% of the maintenance (work). We clean the filters, we change the lights, we pull the weeds, we fix the pencil sharpeners. It’s too much. We cannot keep up with our cleaning doing the maintenance part.

• I have a question for all of the Democrats. If Hillary Clinton was a Republican, would the Democrats go after her with vengeance like they have Mr. Trump? Now, be honest about it. I’d like to know. And another question: Why would anybody go to an auction when they have a buyer’s premium? You’re stuck with paying more than your bid number.

• This is for the person that got the IU tickets a couple of years ago and didn’t pay for them. Just because IU is not doing too well right now, don’t expect them this year.

• What is going on on (Interstate) 64? Where is the rest stop? There’s nowhere to stop any more. There’s no tourist attractions. There’s no snack machines. There’s no rest rooms. God have mercy. Out traveling with the family for the holidays, and there’s nowhere to stop. There’s truck drivers parked everywhere all along the side of the road. They have no truck stop. They have no rest stop. They have no parking lot to rest their tired bodies and their stressed-out minds. What’s a traveler to do? Does the rest stop belong to Harrison County or Floyd County? If someone has the information to this, I’d like to know. Repost and reply in the paper and I’ll make some phone calls. It’s ridiculous …
Editor’s note: The rest stop along Interstate 64 in Floyd County near the Harrison County line belonged to the Indiana Dept. of Transportation, which made the decision to close it and demolish the building.

• I was calling about the (Corydon) Town Council and the raising of water and sewer rates around here. I want to thank Rachel Baelz for actually having our backs and voting no and asking a lot of questions. Sorry it still got to be what everybody else wanted, but I want to thank her for at least sticking it out for us. Thank you, Rachel.

• This is regarding Walmart. They used to have a lot of benches for the elderly to sit down and rest around the store, but they’re removing those. I know there are several elderly people in there that, if they’re going to continue to shop at Walmart, they need to have a little bit of help with a place to sit down and rest for a few minutes in between. They built a big store; now, they need to accommodate Harrison County.