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Paranormal team monitors Kintner House

Paranormal team monitors Kintner House
Paranormal team monitors Kintner House
Mike Harkness, right, coordinator of the Orange County Paranormal team, sorts through a box of historical documents relating to the Kintner House Inn in an effort to unravel their connections to perceived spirits at inn in Corydon while Cecil Rowleett, camera technician and video editor, films. Photo by J.C. Lyell
J.C. Lyell, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Downtown Corydon’s historic past might be catching up with it.

“When we came here, we had no idea what we were hunting,” said Mike Harkness from the parlor of the Kintner House Inn near the end of a supernatural investigation that took place Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Harkness, along with his wife, Laura, owns and operates Orange County Paranormal out of Paoli, and he and his team specialize in monitoring and detecting paranormal activity. They film their expeditions, often airing them live on Facebook ASY TV streaming or later uploading the footage to YouTube, and present the evidence they gather to their viewers with the catchphrase “You decide.”

Harkness, who has published three books about the supernatural, said he and his spirit-chasing colleagues try not to learn too much about what others have seen at a particular site before visiting. This way they avoid introducing a confirmation bias where the team is predisposed to find what others have seen, heard or felt.

Despite this, Harkness said the team has captured what they believe to be photographic and acoustic evidence of spiritual energy that resides at the inn, and that the evidence backs up observations from other travelers and inn employees.

“There was talk of a shadow person on the third floor, and we got it,” he said.

Also, he said they picked up a lot of technical spiritual activity Sunday, the first night of their investigation. On the second night, however, he said the spirits affected him mentally and physically.

“You can feel it in your body. You can get sick,” Harkness said. “It was a very psychological presence, I guess you could say.”

This could be because the supernatural beings in the house had grown upset with the visitors prodding around with machines and trying to talk to them during the course of their stay, he said.

“I got my hair pulled several times last (Monday) night,” he added.

Harkness quipped that he would call himself a “double XL” before he’d adopt the title of a “medium,” but he said he discovered a talent for detecting supernatural events after recovering from a near-death experience about 20 years ago.

“I think anyone can feel it, but it really kicked on for me after that,” he said.

Camera technician and video editor Cecil  Rowlett, also of Paoli, said he’s been skeptical of the team’s findings at times.

“I’m sort of the team’s resident non-believer,” he said, “but I’ve seen a lot of things that I can’t explain and we’ve caught a lot of it on camera and with other equipment.”

The Orange County Paranormal team uses a myriad of tools to visualize perceived spiritual activity. Harkness described a machine they use that produces a grid of laser lights throughout a room. While they had not seen much more than some flickering in the lights while using it before this trip, he said at the Kintner House the lines danced and moved around as they were influenced by spiritual energy.

The crew also has what’s called a “Spirit Box” that is said to amplify noises coming from electronic voice phenomena. Using this device at the inn, Harkness said they clearly heard voices calling out the names “Mary,” “Hannah,” “Connie,” “Louie” and “Genevieve” each multiple times. Harkness presumably didn’t know when he relayed this information that Hannah Kintner and her husband, Peter, were the first of the Kintner family to settle in Corydon back in 1819, before the original inn’s construction.

Mark Wiseman and his family now own the Kintner House Inn, which is located on the southwest corner of Chestnut Street and Capitol Avenue.

“(My wife) Melinda and I have stayed in every room in the inn, and we’ve never experienced anything out of the ordinary,” he said, though he added that several staff members, and even some guests, have witnessed inexplicable events such as shadows passing through hallways or doors closing seemingly on their own.

Wiseman said while he’s not 100% sold on the idea that the spirits can inhabit the inn and interact with travelers there, he was curious to learn more about paranormal activity from those who hunt it.

“It’s kind of like if two amoebas were discussing Einstein’s theories, though,” he said. “They’d have no idea what they’re talking about.”

So, with an open mind, he invited the crew to stay a few nights at the hotel, hoping to learn more about the paranormal from professionals.

Much of Orange County Paranormal’s investigation into the Kintner House Inn was streamed live on Facebook earlier this week on their page, Orange County Paranormal. After they review their findings, Harkness said the crew might decide to upload a shorter video that features the highlights of the hunt.

Updates and more information about Orange County Paranormal can be found on the page.

For more information about the Kintner House Inn, visit or to book a room call 812-738-2020.