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Corydon Nursing Home shifts to rehab center

The Corydon Nursing Home facility along Country Club Road near the Corydon Central school campus has closed and will be converted to a facility focused on drug and alcohol rehabilitation, according to Chosen Healthcare officials.
‘We believe our facility in Corydon will provide a much-needed resource to the local community,’ Anne Morley, Chosen Healthcare representative, said. ‘Our in-patient alcohol and substance abuse treatment center will provide a safe and secure residential setting for those local residents who have already chosen to face their addiction, seek treatment and will give them the skills to maintain that sobriety and recovery when they return to the community.
‘In that effort, we intend to be a great resource and part of this community and are working closely with local officials to address any concerns,’ she said.
All residents of the former nursing home have been relocated.
The timing for the facility’s opening has not yet been set, officials said, and they hope to answer any questions from residents before it opens.
‘Our facility will be managed with both client and community safety of paramount concern,’ Morley said. ‘We will maintain the optimal staff-to-client ratio to ensure the best care of the client, as well as respect for the concerns of the local community. We understand and appreciate that security is important to everyone. Custom landscaping, 24-hour building security and secure fencing will protect both client privacy and assure local residents of our commitment to them as our neighbors.’
Morley said Chosen Healthcare plans to give priority to the residents of Harrison County and will work with clients and families to help them meet the financial needs for treatment.
‘Our facility will create new jobs for local residents and offer career opportunities to both degreed and non-degreed workers,’ she said. ‘Overall, we anticipate our facility will be an important asset to this community and offer both services and hope to a population that desperately needs it.’
Chosen Healthcare is consolidating its skilled nursing operations throughout Indiana, and the Corydon facility is one of seven to be converted from a nursing home to a drug and alcohol rehab center.
Staff members were given the opportunity to interview for continued employment at other nursing facilities or with the drug and rehab venture.
The change will strengthen Chosen’s skilled nursing home business by managing capacity across their network and allocating staff and resources to where they are best used, officials said.
‘In addition, our new facility will help meet a pressing health problem and offer services and hope to a population that desperately needs it,’ a memo to employees said.
Chosen Healthcare has 19 skilled nursing facilities in Indiana, Iowa and Texas. The communities are focused on rehabilitation with the goal of getting short-term and long-term residents back to enjoying their lives fully.