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Conrad makes busy return to county fair

Conrad makes busy return to county fair
Conrad makes busy return to county fair
Coming around the final turn of the second race on Thursday, BR Flying Rita uses the inside line with Jordan Ross in the sulky to drive to the win over the Charlie Conrad trained and driven Really Rowdy. Photo by Ross Schulz

County fair racing in Indiana came to Harrison County last week, with a total of 27 heats raced over two days involving 124 head of horses. Indiana fair racing is open to 2- and 3-year-old trotters and pacers, colts and fillies, sired by Indiana stallions and born and raised in Indiana.
Good crowds of local fans attended Thursday and Friday racing festivities and took part in honoring the memory of Laconia horseman Jim Beanblossom, who passed away last week. Beanblossom raced horses for 40 years all over the Midwest and as far east as New York and held several track records.
As a tribute to this harness racing veteran, his blue jog cart, now owned by Hayswood Farm of Corydon, was used throughout the fair to warm up horses on the track before races.
Local youngsters racing at Corydon from the Conrad stable included 2-year-old pacing fillies Moscato (second in her race), Saltwater Gospel (second) and Really Rowdy (second). Conrad also raced a freshman pacing colt, Bludhaven (third), as well as 2-year-old trotters Meet the Mrs. (third) and Mount Swanmore (fourth). The Conrads brought their two sophomore pacing fillies home Friday to Harrison County, and Play to the Crowd was third and Primo Extremo first.
Hayswood Farm of Corydon and King Racing of Wilshire, Ohio, own the 3-year-old pacing colt Hayswood Ron, who recorded a win in his heat Friday at the fair. His race was one of the closest of the Harrison County Fair and was cheered by many local fans. After patiently waiting in third place through most of the mile as the two leaders fought it out, driver Mike Peterson got the opening he needed in the home stretch, and the son of He’s Gorgeous rocketed through the slightest of openings to pass the leader in the stretch by a nose. It was one of several ‘photo finish’ endings to races at the fair.
The Brock Stable of Louisville, which trains horses at the Harrison County Fairgrounds, raced its 2-year-old daughter of the famous Indiana sire Real Desire, a filly named Pinarello, to a third-place finish in her heat Thursday. Also on that afternoon’s card, 3-year-old trotters competed, and one of the filly races saw Aunty Sue, owned and trained on the Corydon oval by John Spotten of LaGrange, Ky., finished third in her initial outing of the season.
All the Harrison County Fair races are available for viewing on the website of the Indiana Standardbred Association. The link ” ” will show you another link to all the fair races. In addition to this video taping, on Thursday of the fair, a crew from the Bloomington PBS station was at the fair recording races, doing interviews and documenting how county fair harness racing works as a part of a larger series it is producing on the Indiana horse industry.
Also from Harrison County, the pacer To The Limit raced at Running Aces in Minneapolis on Sunday night. Born and raised on the Alvin Walther farm south of Lanesville, this son of the Walther mare Hoosier Vacation is now owned by California interests. In his race, To the Limit was sixth in a time of 1:53:3.
At Hoosier Park last week, the pacing mare Northern Salina again collected third-place money with a time of 1:54:4. Northern Salina had the lead throughout much of the race, after having to leave from the gate from the seven post position. This daughter of Rockin Image is owned by Walther and Hayswood Farm of Corydon.
Rockin TJ, a 3-year-old pacer from the Walther farm, paced a 1:50:2 mile on Friday night, good only for second place, in the second leg of the Indiana Sire Stakes series for 3-year-old pacing colts and geldings. He now has a win and a second in the first two of eight legs. The $250,000 Final will be raced in October among the 10 colts and geldings that have amassed the most points in the eight legs.

1st ‘ 2YO Filly Pace, 1st Division, 2:06.2
1. Rock It Out (Bell), 2. Saltwater Gospel (Conrad), 3. Vel Miss Fire (Peterson)
2nd ‘ 2YO Filly Pace, 2nd Division, 2:05.2
1. BR Flying Rita (Ross), 2. Really Rowdy (Conrad), 3. Vel Donna (Peterson)
3rd ‘ 2YO Filly Pace, 3rd Division, 2:04.4
1. Tropical Tracey (Bell), 2. Vel Bundle (Peterson), 3. ER Rachel (Eash)
4th ‘ 2YO Filly Pace, 4th Division, 2:05.3
1. Skyway Raine (Eash), 2. Alvins Cookie (Peterson), 3. Ike’s Fast One (Rideout)
5th ‘ 2YO Filly Pace, 5th Division, 2:07.2
1. Vel Gorgeous Betty (Peterson), 2. Moscato (Conrad), 3. Gd Potliker (Ross)
6th ‘ 2YO Colt Pace, 1st Division, 2:07.4
1. ER Sundance (Eash), 2. Hypnoticdream (Peterson), 3. Unhingedliberal (Reed)
7th ‘ 2YO Colt Pace, 2nd Division, 2:05.1
1. La Tomcat (Eash), 2. Im Fearless (Ross), 3. Vel See Em Panther (Peterson)
8th ‘ 2YO Colt Pace, 3rd Division, 2:07.1
1. Fast Freddy Jo Jo (Peterson), 2. ER Vegas (Eash), 3. Bludhaven (Conrad)
9th ‘ 3YO Filly Trot, 1st Division, 2:07.2
1. Pauline’s Ashley (Avenatti), 2. Julianna’s Jet (Rideout), 3. Sephora’s Deeann (Eash)
10th ‘ 3YO Filly Trot, 2nd Division, 2:08.4
1. Ashley Oh (Conrad), 2. Chestnut Rose (Ferguson), 3. Aunty Sue (Spotten-Morici)
11th ‘ 3YO Colt Trot, 1st Division, 2:04.1
1. Kasha’s Boy (Eash), 2. Golden Wheel (Putnam), 3. Florishing Future (R. Loney).
12th ‘ 3YO Colt Trot, 2nd Division, 2:08.4
1. Dance Hall Brawler (Putnam), 2. Townline Blue Boy (G. Miller), 3. Piggie Pooh Pine (Kieninger Jr.)
1st ‘ 2YO Filly Trot, 1st Division, 2:08.2
1. Whom Shall I Love (Eash), 2. Starlit Swanforme (Raber), 3. Meet The Mrs (Conrad)
2nd ‘ 2YO Filly Trot, 2nd Division, 2:11.3
1. Miss Smead (G. Miller), 2. Sleeping Judy (Rideout), 3. Golden Impulse (Eash)
3rd ‘ 2YO Filly Trot, 3rd Division, 2:17.0
1. Cominghomeinstyle (Rideout), 2. Fear The Star (Eash), 3. No Other Way (Avenatti)
4th ‘ 2YO Filly Trot, 4th Division, 2:18.2
1. Megabucks (Eash), 2. No Lookin Back (Raber), 3. Just For Us (Conrad)
5th ‘ 2YO Colt Trot, 1st Division, 2:20.3
1. Meetmeatdwr (Raber), 2. Indiancreek Bee (Rideout), 3. Eagle C Fortythree (Conrad)
6th ‘ 2YO Colt Trot, 2nd Division, 2:16.1
1. Jlcomeon Ketchup (Rideout), 2. Teach Me To Dougie (Detweiler), 3. Mr Wildman (Avanatti)
7th ‘ 2YO Colt Trot, 3rd Division, 2:14.1
1. Rappn At The Races (Harris), 2. Fist Figher (R. Loney), 3. West Point Jester (Peterson)
8th ‘ 2YO Colt Trot, 4th Division, 2:12.4
1. Exconvict (Rideout), 2. Skyway Caliber (R. Loney), 3. Quaker’s Credit (Detweiler)
9th ‘ 2YO Colt Trot, 5th Division, 2:18.3
1. Trixie’s Cantab (Barnes), 2. Swancooltreat (Rideout), 3. Trotstar (Eash)
10th ‘ 2YO Colt Trot, 6th Division, 2:20.2
1. JL Choochootrain (Rideout), 2. Lakeview Park (Loney), 3. Hill Top Jail (Peterson)
11th ‘ 3YO Filly Pace, 1st Division, 2:02.3
1. Dancingthebigmove (Eash), 2. Silvershoe Express (Ross), 3. For Chips Sake (Rideout)
12th ‘ 3YO Filly Pace, 2nd Division, 2:02.4
1. Tellawoman (Putnam), 2. Misty Shooter (Mike Peterson), 3. Play To The Crowd (Conrad)
13th ‘ 3YO Filly Pace, 3rd Division, 2:01.3
1. Primo Extremo (Conrad), 2. Rockin Patsy (Ferguson), 3. Hypo Flip (Ross)
14th ‘ 3YO Colt Pace, 1st Division, 2:02.0
1. Mity Tino (Melloy Jr.), 2. ER Hotshot (Eash), 3. ER Vaughn (Ferguson)
15th ‘ 3YP Colt Pace, 2nd Division, 2:03.3
1. Hayswood Ron (Peterson), 2. Townline Atm (R. Loney), 3. Letsmakithapncapn (G. Miller).