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Town election filings underway

While filings began Jan. 9 for elections of town council members and clerk-treasurers in Harrison County’s 10 incorporated towns, some communities still have no candidates. Those towns set to have elections are Crandall, Corydon, Elizabeth, Laconia, Lanesville, Mauckport, Milltown, New Amsterdam, New Middletown and Palmyra.
Each of the 10 towns’ councils have three board members, with the exception of Corydon, which has five.
As of yesterday morning (Tuesday), the following have filed (an * indicates an incumbent):
Corydon council ‘ Tony Myers, Republican, Ward 4, and *Chris Mattingly, Democrat, Ward 5.
Elizabeth council ‘ *Mike Sampson, *Vincent Tuell and *Alan Worrall, all Independents.
Elizabeth clerk-treasurer ‘ *Hugh Burns, Independent.
Mauckport council ‘ *Robert C. Crosier, *Holly C. Kingsley and *Nancy Jane Kirby, all Republicans.
Mauckport clerk-treasurer ‘ *Kathy A. Goldman, Democrat.
Palmyra council ‘ Jerry P. Love, Independent.
Those wishing to run for town office, as a council member or clerk-treasurer, must be a registered voter and live within the town limits. Once town council members or clerk-treasurers assume office, they must continue to reside in the town or forfeit office if they cease to be a resident of the town.
Independent candidate filing will close at noon Monday, July 1, while filing for major party candidates will close at noon Thursday, Aug. 1. Filing can be completed at the Harrison County Circuit Court Clerk office on the second floor of the downtown Corydon courthouse. (Harrison County residents of Milltown who wish to run for office must file their declaration of candidacy with the Crawford County Clerk, because the majority of Milltown is in Crawford County.)
If running as a Democrat or Republican, residents must use the CAN-16 to declare their candidacy. For those running as an Independent, the CAN-44 must be used to declare one’s candidacy. All candidates must also file the CAN-12.
For those running for an office that has a salary of $5,000 or more annually, candidates also must file the CFA-1. To inquire about salaries, contact the specific town hall or the Circuit Court Clerk’s office (812-738-4289).
Based on recent General Election returns in Harrison County, town ballots will have Republicans listed before Democrats and then Independents. Republican and Democrat candidates will be listed alphabetically, while Independent candidates will be listed in the order they file.
Elections will take place Tuesday, Nov. 5.
Crandall, Elizabeth, Laconia, Lanesville, Mauckport, New Amsterdam, Milltown, New Middletown and Palmyra consist of three at-large council members, meaning registered voters within the town vote for any of the candidates.
Corydon is broken into wards, with voters selecting from candidates residing in their ward.
For more information regarding this year’s town elections, call the appropriate town hall or the Harrison County Circuit Court Clerk’s office at 812-738-4289.