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Perfect night for Stargazing athletes

Perfect night for Stargazing athletes
Perfect night for Stargazing athletes
At the midway point of the boys' 100-meter dash, Lanesville's Luke Collins stays in front of New Albany's Devon Gummer and Evansville North's Capelton Presswood (the Eagles' freshman went on to sweep the 100 and 200). Photos By Brian Smith
Brian Smith, Sports Editor

Plenty of hustle and bustle filled the Corydon Central High School track and field complex Friday night for the annual Stargazer Invitational. Athletes were treated to perfect weather conditions, which drew plenty of spectators at the early season meet.
Within the competition, Evansville North trekked east to take the girls’ team title with 157 points, holding off host Corydon Central (131). North Harrison was third with 75 points.
On the boys’ side, Floyd Central tallied 118 points for the top spot. Rounding out the top three were Evansville North (100), second, and Corydon Central (97), third.
Girls’ Results
Corydon Central opened the meet with a 13-second win over Evansville North in the 3,200-meter relay, turning over a time of 10:41.21.
The race set a solid tone for the Lady Panthers, who went on to post individual wins with Emma Goss, Jessie Johnson and Marcie Stewart.
Goss had a busy day, going back and forth from sprinting trials and the final of the 100 and 200 along with participation in the long jump. She picked up a victory in the 200, rolling in at 28.36 seconds. Earlier, Goss was runner-up in the 100 with a time of 13.46. Lanesville’s Emma Coomer finished fourth (14.15) and Corydon Central’s Lillian Wolfe was fifth (14.33).
In the long jump, Goss went third (14 feet, 6 inches) while Crawford County’s Haylea Crandall was fourth (14-2-1/2).
Stewart represented Corydon Central in the distance events, making a move to the front of the field after the first lap of the 1,600. She went on to win in 5:57.40, placing ahead of Crawford County’s Gabi Gaines (6:00.54) and Corydon Central’s Sarah Bailey (6:11.35).
‘Last year at Stargazer, the Floyd girl that won, she stayed behind me and went around at the end,’ Stewart said. ‘I wanted to try that strategy today, but no one else went to lead so I just went for it. My time wasn’t as good as I would like, but it was a win.’
After a break, Stewart returned to be runner-up in the 3,200 with a time of 13:03.56. Gaines took third (13:16.44), while Corydon Central’s Emily Armstrong was fourth (13:23.74).
‘This is super fun because my favorite part is how many people come to Stargazer,’ Stewart said. ‘At other meets, nobody really comes other than family. Today, I heard my name all around the track. That is so cool and fun. Some people I don’t really know at school were saying, ‘Go, Marcie.’ I really enjoy it.’
In the 400, Corydon Central’s Jessie Johnson won the fastest heat with ease in 1:05.63 to earn first-place honors. The Lady Panthers made it a 1-2 finish as Emma Bailey was second (1:08.36).
Sarah Bailey (2:41.70) and Armstrong (2:44.65) finished second and fourth, respectfully, in the 800.
The Lady Cats’ Mattie Johnson was second in the shot put (29-11) and the discus (85-8). Other notable finishes in the throwing events were North Harrison’s Emma Schneider (third, shot put, 29-10), Crawford County’s Jasmine Brents (third, discus, 81-4), Crawford County’s Sadie Elliot (fourth, shot put, 28-1) and Corydon Central’s Wolfe (fourth, discus, 80-1).
Crawford County’s Crandall placed second in the high jump (5-2) with Corydon Central’s Johnson in fourth (4-10) and North Harrison’s Diana Burgher (4-10) in fifth.
At the pole vault, Corydon Central’s Emily Gunther (8-0) was second and North Harrison’s Ellie Robinson (7-0) was third.
Notable placers in hurdles were North Harrison’s Arianna Black placing fourth in the 100 (18:75) and South Central’s Genevieve Liebert (19.03) in sixth. North Harrison’s Molly Coomer was fifth in the 300 hurdles (59.49) and eighth in the 100 hurdles (20.03).
In additional relays, Corydon Central was second in the 1,600 and third in the 400. North Harrison was third in the 1,600 relay.
Boys’ results
Sprinter Luke Collins admitted he was a bit nervous during the week leading up to the Stargazer. Wearing Lanesville purple, the freshman made his name known quickly with a pair of wins in the 100 and 200 dashes.
Under the lights in the 100, Collins came out of the blocks with a glimmer of space between him and the field. Collins was able to hold off Floyd Central’s Miles Frazier with a recorded time of 11.31 seconds.
‘It was real close,’ Collins said. ‘I had a really good start. I could tell I was able to get ahead of everyone at the start, but (Frazier) was staying with me. I had a better start in the final than the (preliminary).’
Collins backed up his effort with a 200 time of 23.41, again holding Frazier at bay in a photo finish.
‘At the beginning of the week, I was kind of nervous being it would be my first big high school meet,’ Collins said. ‘When I got here, I felt good and confident in myself.’
Within the 100 and 200, Corydon Central’s Noah Phillips was seventh (25.18) in the 100 and Bruce Todd was eighth (11.92) in the 200.
Corydon Central’s Camden Marshall notched a win for the Panthers’ squad with a stalking effort in the 1,600. Staying just behind the lead group of four runners, Marshall took off on the final lap, circling foes to pull away on the final front stretch in front of a roaring home crowd. He won the race in 4:43.86.
‘I was trying to stay up with the top group for the first three laps. I wanted to try and kick at the end, hoping I had enough left,’ Marshall said. ‘I was pretty comfortable most of the race just sitting at second, third or fourth. The last lap, I just let it go. I felt like I had some left.’
Marshall said he wants to push his time to the low 4:30s during the course of the season. Competing at home for a win brought a smile to his face.
‘This is a big meet at home, which pushes me to do my best,’ he said. ‘There are a lot of people here, so I wanted to get this win.’
Floyd Central’s Luke Heinemann won a pair of individual events ” the 400 (51.88) and the 800 (2:03.58). Marshall finished fourth (2:05.91) in the 800 with South Central’s Jude Baker in sixth (2:08.12). Corydon Central’s Jacob Eve was third in the 400 (54.21).
Crawford County’s Nick Stroud scored a win in the shot put for the Wolfpack. As the sun went down, Stroud had a throw of 47-10 hold for early-season bragging rights. Corydon Central’s Jesse Wolfe (44-1-1/2) finished third. In the discus, Floyd Central’s JD McKay (132-9) was first, while Stroud was fourth (123-2). North Harrison’s Wesley Harmon was fifth (120-6).
Near the finish line of the running events is where North Harrison’s Colby Whittaker picked up a first-place ribbon. In the pole vault, Whittaker cleared 10-6 to beat out the competition. Also placing were North Harrison’s Jacob Wenning (10-0) in third and Corydon Central’s Alex Lee (9-6) in fourth.
Floyd Central won the meet-opening 3,200 relay in 8:32.84. Corydon Central, meanwhile, was runner up to Evansville North in the 400 relay (47.06) and 1,600 relay (3:38.68).
In hurdles, Corydon Central’s Christopher Garrow was fourth in the 110 (17.77) and 300 (48.01). Teammate Mason Carnley was sixth in both.
At the high jump, Corydon Central’s Austin Mattingly (5-8) was second with teammate Jacob Eve (5-6) in third. South Central’s Dylan Patterson cleared 5-6 as well but settled for fourth based on jumps.
Eve, earlier in the day, was second in the long jump (19-6-1/2) while Mattingly was sixth (18-5).

Girls’ team scores: 1. Evansville North 157, 2. Corydon Central 131, 3. North Harrison 75, 4. Eastern (Pekin) 59, 5. Crawford County 52, 6. Borden 46, 7. Austin 35, 8. Floyd Central 19, 9. West Washington 15, 10. Trinity Lutheran 11, 11. South Central 10, 12. Lanesville 5.
Girls’ individual results: 100 ‘ 1. M. Jeter (East) 12.93, 2. E. Goss (Cory), 3. K. Yunker (EN); 200 ‘ 1. E. Goss (Cory) 28.36, 2. K. Yunker (EN), 3. H. Carter (EN); 400 ‘ 1. J. Johnson (Cory) 1:05.63, 2. E. Bailey (Cory), 3. G. Anderson (East); 800 ‘ 1. M. Millikan (EN) 2:35.65, 2. S. Bailey (Cory), 3. O. Brawdy (EN); 1,600 ‘ 1. M. Stewart (Cory) 5:57.40, 2. G. Gaines (Craw), 3. S. Bailey (Cory); 3,200 ‘ 1. H. Fisher (EN) 12:02.02, 2. M. Stewart (Cory), 3. G. Gaines (Craw); 100 hurdles ‘ 1. A. Hux (EN) 17.39, 2. P. Whitfield (East), 3. A. Johnson (EN); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. H. Griffitts (WW) 55.46, 2. A. Johnson (EN), 3. L. St. Clair (EN); 400 relay ‘ 1. Evansville North 54.10, 2. Eastern Pekin, 3. Corydon Central; 1,600 relay ‘ 1. Evansville North 4:34.37, 2. Corydon Central, 3. North Harrison; 3,200 relay ‘ 1. Corydon Central 10:41.21, 2. Evansville North, 3. Borden; High jump ‘ 1. K. Pogue (EN) 5-2, 2. H. Crandall (Craw), 3. L. St. Clair (EN); Pole vault ‘ 1. M. Olesh (East) 9-0, 2. E. Gunter (Cory), 3. E. Robinson (NH); Long jump ‘ 1. M. Jeter (East) 16-11, 2. A. Kittle (EN), 3. E. Goss (Cory); Shot put ‘ 1. A. Satterwhite (A) 32-1.5, 2. M. Johnson (NH), 3. E. Schneider (NH); Discus ‘ 1. J. Cheatham (B) 93-1, 2. M. Johnson (NH), 3. J. Brents (Craw).
Boys’ team scores: 1. Floyd Central 118, 2. Evansville North 100, 3. Corydon Central 97, 4. Eastern (Pekin) 54.5, 5. Austin 53, 6. Borden 43.5, 7. New Albany 39, 8. North Harrison 37, 9. Trinity Lutheran 21, 10. Lanesville 20, 11. Crawford County 16, 12. West Washington 14, 13. South Central 11.
Boys’ individual results: 100 ‘ 1. L. Collins (L) 11.31, 2. M. Frazier (FC), 3. D. Gummer (NA); 200 ‘ 1. L. Collins (L) 23.41, 2. M. Frazier (FC), 3. T. Henderson (NA); 400 ‘ 1. L. Heinemann (FC) 51.88, 2. J. Grimes (EN), 3. J. Eve (Cory); 800 ‘ 1. L. Heinemann (FC) 2:03.58, 2. D. Dickens (EN), 3. D. Heinemann (FC); 1,600 ‘ 1. C. Marshall (Cory) 4:43.86, 2. U. Guthrie (East), 3. J. White (A); 3,200 ‘ 1. U. Guthrie (East) 9:43.44, 2. AJ Goecker (TL), 3. W. Beck (A); 110 hurdles ‘ 1. D. McKinney (EN) 15.24, 2. U. Eze (NA), 3. S. Bellamy (A); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. D. McKinney (EN) 43.98, 2. S. Bellamy (A), 3. T. Willman (FC); 400 relay ‘ 1. Evansville North 45.66, 2. Corydon Central, 3. Eastern Pekin; 1,600 relay ‘ 1. Evansville North 3:38.36, 2. Corydon Central, 3. Eastern Pekin; 3,200 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 8:32.84, 2. Evansville North, 3. Austin; High jump ‘ 1. J. Townsend (EN) 5-10, 2. A. Mattingly (Cory), 3. J. Eve (Cory); Pole vault ‘ 1. C. Whittaker (NH) 10-6, 2. M. Biehle (B), 3. J. Wenning (NH); Long jump ‘ 1. M. Frazier (FC) 19-9.5, 2. J. Eve (Cory), 3. J. Butler (EN); Shot put ‘ 1. N. Stroud (Craw) 47-10, 2. D. Pinaire (East), 3. J. Wolfe (Cory); Discus ‘ 1. JD McKay (FC) 132-9, 2. J. Strange (WW), 3. M. Harmes (B).