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SWAT team aides in peaceful resolution

SWAT team aides in peaceful resolution
SWAT team aides in peaceful resolution
Members of the Regional SWAT team prepare to depart from the staging area at the New Middletown Volunteer Fire Dept. firehouse on Thursday in a bulletproof "bearcat" vehicle to the scene along Autumn Eve Lane. Photo by Ross Schulz

New Middletown Elementary School and the South Central campus schools near Elizabeth were put on lockdown for a couple hours Thursday out of precaution due to reports of a resident firing a gun at family members along Autumn Eve Lane, located between New Middletown and Elizabeth.
The Regional SWAT team was called in around 11 a.m. to join the Harrison County Emergency Response Team to approach the home.
The suspect, later identified as Paul R. Eve, turned himself in peacefully, and schools were back to normal after about a two-hour lockdown.
Numerous law enforcement officers staged at New Middletown Volunteer Fire Dept. firehouse which, combined with the lockdown at the nearby NMES, caused concern among residents.
The following message from the South Harrison Community School Corp. was sent to parents informing them of the situation:
‘Good afternoon, parents. This message is to inform you that schools at New Middletown and South Central are on full lock down. This is NOT related to a direct incident involving the schools; instead, this is in response to a local police situation that is located between the two communities. We ask that you do NOT approach the schools because the doors will not be answered as part of the safety protocol. Please be assured that all students are safe. At this time, we anticipate that dismissal of students will proceed as normal. However, we will monitor this situation and advise if changes are necessary.’
Eve was later charged with four felonies: criminal confinement while armed with a deadly weapon, intimidation where defendant draws or uses a deadly weapon, criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon and pointing a firearm at another person.