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Fall ice storm covers area

Fall ice storm covers area
Fall ice storm covers area
A motorist uses caution Thursday morning traveling south on Corydon-Ramsey Road near Pennington Chapel Road where a tree fell over on power lines near the northbound lane. Photo by Ross Schulz

An ‘epic’ ice storm, as described by at least one local meteorologist because of the time of year it occurred and power outages it caused, wreaked havoc on trees and power lines throughout all of Kentuckiana, including Harrison County, last week.
A system which prompted a winter weather advisory overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning dropped a solid layer of freezing rain (2/10ths up to 1/4 of an inch of ice) in grassy areas and on trees and some road surfaces.
The condition of the actual roads throughout the county were not bad; it was the stuff that kept falling on and over the roads that caused problems.
South Harrison, North Harrison and Crawford County schools were closed Thursday.
North Harrison and South Harrison originally scheduled two-hour delays.
Dr. Lance Richards, superintendent of the North Harrison Community School Corp., said it was the earliest (Nov. 15) winter weather school cancellation he could remember.
Lanesville was on a two-hour delay schedule.
North Harrison and South Harrison operated on a two-hour delay schedule Friday while Crawford County was closed for a second day.
At one point Thursday morning, Harrison REMC had nearly 11,000 customers without power with 229 separate outages, while Duke Energy had about 3,840 customers without service in Harrison and Crawford counties.
Highway department crews, police officers and electric crews were scrambling around the county to clear roads and restore power.
Some folks remained without power into the weekend.
The situation was made worse with some trees having not yet lost all of their leaves, which added surface area for ice to cling to, causing more weight and stress on trees.
Ramsey resident Michael Shearer, who runs an early morning paper route, said it was possibly the worst road conditions he had ever seen.
‘It was pretty bad because the roads were good enough to drive normal speeds, but you pop over a hill and find a tree right in front of you,’ he said.
He said the roads were passable for the most part but had a lot of obstacles.
A fresh coating of snow fell Thursday afternoon/evening as another winter weather advisory was issued.