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Schuler waits for higher court ruling

Oral arguments in the Kevin Schuler vs. the State of Indiana appeal case was heard by the Indiana Supreme Court last month.
Schuler, one of two men accused in the double homicide of Asenath (Senie) Arnold and Gary Henderson in their home along Walk Drive northeast of New Salisbury in August 2013, pleaded guilty to one count of murder and one count of felony murder, with sentencing to be decided by the trial court.
In February 2017, Schuler was sentenced to life without parole and to a consecutive term of 65 years for the felony murder by Special Judge Vicki Carmichael at Harrison Superior Court in Corydon as part of an agreement.
On appeal, Schuler argued that the trial court erred in admitting sentencing evidence that police obtained by questioning him after he requested counsel, that the evidence was insufficient to show he intentionally killed the murder victim, that the court committed multiple errors when explaining its reasons for imposing life without parole and that his sentence should be revised under Indiana Appellate Rule 7(B) to concurrent terms of years.
The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the case.
Schuler has been in the Indiana Dept. of Corrections since he was sentenced.