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Incumbent challenged for Spencer Township trustee seat

In Spencer Township, the current trustee, Aaron Scott, is being challenged by Brian Loudon, a first-time candidate in next month’s General Election. Scott, who is seeking his second term in office, last ran as a Democrat but switched parties last year. He was unopposed in the spring primary. Loudon was selected in June by the Democrat party to fill the vacancy on the ballot.
Name and residency: Brian Loudon, Depauw
Age: 38
Family: Paisley Rew (wife), Soleil Loudon (6-year-old son) and Maddux Loudon (3-year-old son)
Education: Charleston High School, Charleston, Ill. (1998); Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio (2003), B.A., political science; Long Island University, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.A., linguistics
Occupation: Farmer
Political experience: I’ve been an activist and educator for nonprofits in communities in Illinois, Arizona and Ohio. Most of my work focused on serving survivors of domestic and dating violence, but some of my duties included lobbying local governments and helping to negotiate policy changes on local issues that concerned survivors of violence and victims of crime. I see these activities as inherently political. I’ve always considered myself a politically independent person, and I never served or worked for any partisan political organization until 2016 when I registered as a Democrat. I’ve never held elected office.
Contact information for voters: 1-347-754-0973; [email protected]
Why are you seeking the office (in 100 words or less)? The only jobs I’ve ever been any good at focused on community service. I’ve been a legal advocate, an activist and a teacher. I’ve loved these jobs. Now I find myself struggling to adapt to farming a 200-year-old family plot in Spencer Township. Because I’m still learning to farm (and will be for a while), I have many side jobs to ensure our family is financially stable. None of these jobs serves the community, so I want to replace them with the only type of endeavor I’ve ever loved: empowering my neighbors to live the best lives they can.
Why should someone vote for you rather than your opponent (in 100 words or less)? I’ve never served in local office. Inexperience seems like a liability, but it also provides my neighbors with potential benefits. I don’t know any tricks. I don’t know how to exploit government for personal gain. I don’t hold grudges from politics past. I’ll learn on the job, and I’ll learn to do things by the book. I won’t say one thing publicly then do something else privately. I will execute trustee duties with service, not incumbency, at front of mind. I promise to treat neighbors with dignity, serve with transparency and operate with accountability, no matter the partisan political consequences.
If elected, what will you do to serve people of Spencer Township (in 150 words or less)? Service begins with accountability. I will answer every call, text message, email and personal inquiry that comes from a constituent. I will not use social media to celebrate my accomplishments or berate political opponents. I will attend every township meeting and perform my duties as record keeper, bean counter, maintenance specialist, fence adjudicator and citizens’ advocate. I will approach all of these duties with a listen-first philosophy. I will spend more time working for my neighbors than I spend trying to convince political allies that I can advance their careers. I will prioritize the township services that help people who are struggling economically. I will also prioritize township stewardship of a clean, safe natural environment. I will investigate problems that I do not immediately understand. I will not pretend to have all of the answers all of the time. I will confront corruption when and where I see it.
Name and residency: Aaron L. Scott, Ramsey
Age: 44
Family: Son, Chase Scott, and daughter-in-law, Summer Scott; grandchild, Case Scott; daughter, Chloe Scott; fiancé, Delysha Wenning; parents, Robert and Patricia Scott; siblings, Mark Scott (Collette Scott) and Rob Scott (Julie Scott)
Education: North Harrison High School
Occupation: Self-employed, owner and operator of a school bus, owner of Scott Bus Repair and owner of Scott Auto Sales
Political experience: 4 years as Spencer Township Trustee
Contact information for voters: 812-267-2435 or [email protected]
Why are you seeking the office (in 100 words or less)? Four years ago, the people of Spencer Township chose me to represent them and to make the things they’d like to see happen. Over those four years, I have met some great people and been able to help some very great families. I would love to be given the opportunity to have another four years to better the community even more and continue to move forward on the things I’ve set out to accomplish.
Why should someone vote for you rather than your opponent (in 100 words or less)? In the four years that I have been able to serve, the Spencer Township board and myself have began to meet a lot of our goals. We have done great things for the community. For example: alongside two other townships we were able to establish a fire territory which has improved our fire protection. The Spencer Township board and I are working very hard together and have come up with great ideas on how to give back to the community. One of my favorite parts of this job is interacting and helping our people out in any way I can.
If elected, what will you do to serve the people of Spencer Township (in 150 words or less)? I will continue to be available to the residents in Spencer Township to work together to accomplish our goal as a community as well as working with the Spencer Township board to meet our goals. I always have and always will do what I can to improve our township and to try and meet the residents’ needs. I will still work strongly with the two other trustees and Ramsey Fire Dept. on the fire territory to continually improve our fire protection. We have worked very hard at letting the community know we are here if they have ever needed assistance. I will continue to help people out in our township in any way that I can.