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County officials to address long-range transportation plan

Harrison County officials and engineering firm Lochmueller Group Inc. continued what they called a long overdue process of providing a long-range transportation plan with a public workshop last Wednesday evening.
The plan, which was last studied in 2003, will give the county an overview of the needed projects throughout the county concerning transportation.
‘It’s the planning process going into the next 10 or 15 years on what the priorities are going to be for Harrison County,’ Engineer Kevin Russel said. ‘It will provide a planning document for county commissioners, council and elected officials to use to try to make good decisions.’
David Goffinet, of the Lochmueller Group, said there’s no better way to gain feedback than from face-to-face interaction.
He said they will develop a survey in the coming weeks for participants to help rank potential projects.
The discussion centered on the strengths and weaknesses of Harrison County’s current transportation system, before delving into a few specific project needs.
The group will create a master list of potential projects through input from the public, stakeholders and highway department staff.
The strengths of the county’s current transportation system, according to the 20 or so residents and officials gathered for last week’s meeting, include the proximity to Louisville International Airport and the access created by Interstate 64.
Other strengths mentioned were riverboat revenue, river access, strong primary and secondary paved roads, solid maintenance and the improved trail system.
Weaknesses include access for public transportation, awareness of public transportation, narrow roads, no direct access to the interstate for the hospital, dangerous intersections, lack of shoulders and roadside drainage and no designated cycling/walking areas outside of town limits.
The two most prominent projects mentioned for future enhancement of transportation were a second interstate 64 interchange for Corydon and an east-west connector road in the southern part of the county.
Other areas of improvement mentioned included dangerous intersections, specifically Federal Drive and S.R. 135 in Corydon, and areas leading in and out of county schools.
To follow along with the process and to participate, watch for updates on the Harrison County Long-range Transportation Facebook page.
A second public workshop will take place later this year.