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Stargazer: Cold ✓, Wind ✓

Stargazer: Cold ✓, Wind ✓
Stargazer: Cold ✓, Wind ✓
Bundled up due to cold temperatures, Corydon Central's 400-meter relay team of Madison Engleman, Emma Goss, Abi Miller and Lilly Wolfe go through pre-race routines. The foursome went on to win the event. Photos by Brian Smith

For a distance runner, the winter-like elements at Friday’s Stargazer Invitational hosted by Corydon Central can be welcoming. For other track and field athletes, sprinting to a blanket or sweatshirt was more desired than crossing a finish line.
Conditions seemed comfortable for athletes at the start of the first large track meet of the season, but, once the sun completely disappeared and the wind picked up, some team tents were struggling to stay grounded as well. Temperatures eventually dipped into the 40s.
With the weather in mind, coaches and organizers agreed to a modified meet for the athletes. All trials were canceled as athletes on the track took one shot at their respective events going by best times once heats were completed. In field events, competitors were given four attempts instead of the usual three in heats and no finals.
Team titles were swept by Floyd Central. The Lady Highlanders won with 172.5 points, followed by New Albany (109) and Crawford County (98.5). Corydon Central (84.5) was fourth, North Harrison (41.5) was sixth, South Central (eight) was 10th and Lanesville (five) was 11th.
On the boys’ side, Floyd Central (187) finished well ahead of runner-up Corydon Central (97.5). North Harrison (51.5) went on to place fourth, while Crawford County (24) was ninth, Lanesville (24) 10th and South Central (nine) 11th.
Girls’ Stargazer
Crawford County’s Autumn Schigur had a big day for the Lady Pack, scoring wins in three running events. The sprinter got off to a good start, winning the 100-meter dash in 13.59 seconds. Her time was just better than Corydon Central’s Emma Goss (second, 13.72). Fellow Crawford County runner Haylea Crandall (13.84) was fifth. Schigur and Goss turned around to go first-second again in the 200 with times of 27.98 and 28.62, respectively. Crandall (28.95) placed fourth.
Schigur continued her success later in the meet, posting a fast time of 1:04.62 in the 400 to take another top spot. Floyd Central’s Grace Suer placed second in the 400 and third in the 200. Corydon Central’s Abi Miller took fifth in the 400 with a time of 1:09.55.
Miller didn’t go home without a win for the Lady Panthers. She was joined by Madison Engleman, Lilly Wolfe and Goss to take the sprint relay. They went in 53.29 to take the 4×100, edging out Floyd Central (53.40).
Floyd Central’s team of Erica Batliner, Sydney Baxter, Kyleigh Leslie-Holt and Lillian Pearce won the 1,600 relay in 10:23.73, followed by Corydon Central in second and North Harrison in third. Corydon Central also took second in the 3,200 relay.
Crandall also netted a win for Crawford County, out-jumping the field in the high jump. She was able to clear 5 feet, 2 inches. The high jump field also featured Floyd Central’s Spencer Freiberger (third, 5-0), Crawford County’s Treasure Nickelson (fourth, 4-10) and North Harrison’s Emily Nealy (fourth, 4-10).
In the discus throw, Floyd Central’s Skye McGillivray was third (92-2) while South Central’s Noelle Miller (80-3) was fifth. New Albany’s Kelsy Taylor swept the throwing events, also taking the shot put. In the shot, Floyd Central’s Lily Korte (third) and Bella Barney (fifth) placed while South Central’s Grace Lindsay was seventh.
Also in field events, the long jump was won by Floyd Central’s Carley Conway (14-9) with Crandall (14-5) in third. Notable finishes in the pole vault were Floyd Central’s Hanna Dent (second, 7-0), North Harrison’s Ellie Robinson (second, 7-0) and Corydon Central’s Engleman (fifth, 7-0).
Distance races saw Floyd Central’s Faith Barba win the 1,600 in 5:42, followed by Corydon Central’s Marcie Stewart (5:43.42), Floyd Central’s Sydney Baxter (5:44.53), Crawford County’s Gabi Gaines (6:08.88) and North Harrison’s Sadie Rothrock (6:31.51). In the 3,200, Floyd Central saw Sydney Liddle win in 11:28.83 followed by teammate Kyley Sorg. Stewart (13:10.08) was third, and Gaines (13:43.52) was fourth. Barba also took second in the 800.
Floyd Central’s Corrine Cox won the 100 hurdles in 16.74, while Corydon Central’s Abi Miller (18.20) was fourth. Cox went on to place second in the 300 hurdles.
Lanesville picked up five points on the girls’ side, led by Gracie Adams (seventh, high jump), Katie Kiebler (seventh, discus) and Emma Coomer (eighth, 100 hurdles).
Boys’ Stargazer
Floyd Central set the tone in the team standings by sweeping all three relay events. The Highlanders posted a time of 45.44 in the 4×100, 3:44.53 in the 4×400 and 8:48.89 in the 4×800. Host Corydon Central was runner-up in each of the three relays.
Wearing the home black and gold, Corydon Central took home one first-place ribbon, going to Logan Lee. Competing in the 400, Lee (53.68) edged out North Harrison’s Ben Waynescott (53.72). Floyd Central took the third and fourth spots with Noah Metz and Ian Hyde, respectively.
Lee also picked up points in the 200, placing third with a time of 24.86. Taking first and second were Floyd Central’s Jon Gunn (23.25) and Zach Little (23.50). Lanesville’s Julien Stewart (24.86) was fourth.
The Eagles snagged a win as well, as Riley Cook survived the elements late in the meet to clear 5-10 in the high jump. The height was good for the top spot as the next positions went to Crawford County’s Colten Nickelson (5-7), Corydon Central’s Austin Mattingly (5-6) and Lanesville’s Evan Ash (5-4).
In the long jump, Floyd Central’s Winkers Wright (19-1) took the top honors while, in the pole vault, Floyd Central’s Mathieu Stucky (12-0) was second and North Harrison’s Evan Book (11-6) was third.
Floyd Central took the top two spots in the throws as Cam Sturgeon (147-4) took the discus and Clay Miller (46-6) the shot put. Sturgeon (43-6) went on to place third in the shot, while North Harrison’s Braden Jenkins (39-6) was fifth. Crawford County’s Dalton Sheckells (118-9) was third in the discus.
North Harrison’s Noah Rothrock also had a solid day. He won the 800 comfortably with a time of 2:08.9. Also in the field were Floyd Central’s Ross Ellis (third, 2:12.37) and Corydon Central’s Ben Glordan (fourth, 2:12.80).
Rothrock also closed to a second-place finish in the 1,600 with a time of 4:49.42. The first across the line was Floyd Central’s Luke Heinemann (4:43.82). Corydon Central’s Blaze Abner (4:56.64) was fourth. In the 3,200, David Heinemann (10:17.22) was first, followed by Luke Heinemann (10:28.24).
Floyd Central and Corydon Central posted the fastest times in the 100 dash. Zach Little and Jon Gunn went 1-2 for the Highlanders, going in 11.79 and 11.83, respectively. Behind them were Corydon Central’s Chandler Money (third, 12.20) and Drew Uesseler (fourth, 12.24).
Individually, South Central picked up points from Jude Baker, a sixth-place finisher in the 800 with a time of 2:20.51.
Girls’ team scores: 1. Floyd Central 172.5, 2. New Albany 109, 3. Crawford County 98.5, 4. Corydon Central 84.5, 5. Eastern (Pekin) 49, 6. North Harrison 41.5, 7. West Washington 20, 8. Borden 19.5, 9. Austin 13.5, 10. South Central 8, 11. Lanesville 5.
Girls individual results: 100 ‘ 1. A. Schigur (Crawford) 13.59, 2. E. Goss (Corydon), 3. A. Baxter (NA); 200 ‘ 1. A. Schigur (Crawford) 27.98, 2. E. Goss (Corydon), 3. G. Suer (FC); 400 ‘ 1. A. Schigur (Crawford) 1:04.62, 2. G. Suer (FC), 3. K. Yankey (FC); 800 ‘ 1. O. Hawkins (NA) 2:28.23, 2. F. Barba (FC), 3. L. Pearce (FC); 1600 ‘ 1. F. Barba (FC) 5:43.41, 2. M. Stewart (Corydon), 3. S. Baxter (FC); 3200 ‘ 1. S. Liddle (FC) 11:28.83, 2. K. Sorg (FC), 3. M. Stewart (CC); 100 hurdles ‘ 1. C. Cox (FC) 16.74, 2. M. Terry (Eastern), 3. J. Frederick (NA); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. M. Terry (Eastern) 49.45, 2. C. Cox (FC), 3. J. Frederick (NA); 400 relay ‘ 1. Corydon Central 53.29, 2. Floyd Central, 3. Borden; 1600 relay ‘ 1. New Albany 4:26.86, 2. Floyd Central, 3. Corydon Central; 3200 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 10:23.73, 2. Corydon Central, 3. North Harrison; High jump ‘ 1. H. Crandall (Crawford) 5-2, 2. R. Stewart (Eastern), 3. S. Freiberger (FC); Pole vault ‘ 1. M. Olesh (Eastern) 8-7, 2. H. Dent (FC), 3. E. Robinson (NH); Long jump ‘ 1. C. Conway (FC) 14-9, 2. M. Terry (Eastern), 3. H. Crandall (Crawford); Shot put ‘ 1. K. Taylor (NA) 38-4, 2. K. Cooper-Pitts (NA), 3. K. Korte (FC); Discus ‘ 1. K. Taylor (NA) 114-10, 2. K. Cooper-Pitts (NA), S. McGillivray (FC).
Boys’ team scores: 1. Floyd Central 187, 2. Corydon Central 97.5, 3. New Albany 75, 4. North Harrison 51.5, 5t. Borden 38, 5t. Austin 38, 7. Eastern (Pekin) 37, 8. West Washington 26, 9. Crawford County 24, 10. Lanesville 22.5, 11. Salem 13.5, 12. South Central 9.
Boys’ individual results: 100 ‘ 1. Z. Little (FC) 11.79, 2. J. Gunn (FC), 3. C. Money (Corydon); 200 ‘ J. Gunn (FC) 23.25, 2. Z. Little (FC), 3. L. Lee (Corydon); 400 ‘ 1. L. Lee (Corydon) 53.68, 2. B. Waynescott (NH), 3. N. Metz (FC); 800 ‘ 1. N. Rothrock (NH) 2:08.90, 2. A. Wallingford (NA), 3. R. Ellis (FC); 1600 ‘ 1. L. Heinemann (FC) 4:43.82, 2. N. Rothrock (NH), 3. J. White (Austin); 3200 ‘ 1. D. Heinemann (FC) 10:17.22, 2. L. Heinemann (FC), 3. J. White (Austin); 110 hurdles ‘ 1. D. Stroud (NA) 15.96, 2. E. Wheatley (Borden), 3. A. Mosley (NA); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. D. Stroud (NA) 43.28, 2. T. Hutto (FC), 3. E. Wheatley (Borden); 400 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 45.44, 2. Corydon Central, 3. Austin; 1600 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 3:44.53, 2. Corydon Central, 3. Borden; 3200 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 8:48.89, 2. Corydon Central, 3. Austin; High jump ‘ 1. R. Cook (Lanesville) 5-10; 2. C. Nickelson (Crawford), 3. A. Mattingly (Corydon); Pole vault ‘ 1. E. Wheatley (Borden) 12-6; 2. M. Stucky (FC), 3. E. Book (NH); Long jump ‘ 1. W. Wright (FC) 19-1, 2. J. Edwards (W. Wash.), 3. J. Starks (NA); Shot put ‘ 1. C. Miller (FC) 46-6, 2. D. Pinairre (Eastern), 3. C. Sturgeon (FC); Discus ‘ 1. C. Sturgeon (FC) 147-4, 2. J. Myers (NA), 3. D. Sheckells (Crawford).