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Newcomer challenges incumbent in GOP race

Trey Hollingsworth, R-Jeffersonville, is being challenged by James Alspach of Johnson County in the May 8 Primary to be the GOP candidate in the November General Election. The winner will face either Dan Canon, Rob Chatlos or Liz Watson; the Democrat candidate will be determined by voters in the Primary. The Democrat candidates will be featured next week. Below are the responses furnished by Hollingsworth and Alspach.

Name and residency: James Dean Alspach, and I have lived in Indiana for the past 20 years. I live in southern Johnson County, where I have been for the last 10 years.

Family: I am single and have never married or co-habitated. I have no children. My maternal grandmother (Swayzee) was from Seymour, and my maternal grandfather (Faith) was from Bedford area. Paternal grandparents were from Pennsylvania (Bond) and Ohio (Apple) and central Indiana (Alspach).

Education: Political science B.A., Purdue College of Ag honors biochem w/research in entomology, ethanol refining U.S. Dept. Energy grant, pharmaceutical synthesis Eli Lilly grant, technology sale Methodist Hospitals of Indiana, Phi Beta Kappa honor society, medical school honors in immunology

Occupation: IN Army/National Guard MASH EMT, Indiana licensed teacher, auctioneer, hay/grain farmer with hogs and quarter horses, oil field worker, Walmart, IGA grocery, CDL trucker, home improvement contractor

Political experience: Research, polling and statistics, State Senate office intern, political science degree with statistics and economics, Student Senate vice president and class representative, class president and judge, public political speaker, Respect Life Committee

Contact information for voters: [email protected]; [email protected]; 1-812-929-1207; 1-317-531-7973

Why are you seeking the office (in 100 words or less)? Military science to provide for the common defense and political science to increase our diplomatic efforts in the war on terror: entrench diplomats between Israel, Egypt and Gaza, dethrone Asad and disarm Lebanon. Improve the quality of child life and decrease the incidence and severity of school shootings, improve medical care for everyone, especially the elderly and immunocompromised, prevent HIV, solve the drug abuse problem and decrease the cost of health insurance. Stabilize our social institutions promoting traditional values like domestic tranquility (U.S. Constitution Art. 4 Sect. 4), work fiscal responsibility, moderation and prevention.

What qualifies you for the office (in 100 words or less)? U.S. Constitution Art. 2: my residency in Indiana. Lifelong student of politics and military science and earned my degree in poli sci educated with an eye to solving complicated social problems. Many political associations, including Govs. Daniels and Pence. Military assignments include riot control, military intelligence dealing with nuclear tactics, fallout mapping and infectious disease rates, MASH crisis deployment, Honduras, multinational training and stateside service in the world’s largest health care system, including the V.A. I am a high school teacher and contractor.

What is the No. 1 issue facing Hoosiers and what do you think should be done to correct it (in 150 or less)? Decreasing traditional values destabilizes society. Fresh-water management will expand the economy’s agricultural base while minimizing rising ocean levels and provide for an orderly system of immigration and westward migration with new homestead acts. I oppose terrorists in Benghazi, Libya, anywhere they occur. Preventative medicine decreases the cost of health care because preventables like HIV cost the most. NIH research will eliminate diseases like AIDS. Nutrition fosters growth and supports immune system health. Theism opens doors to international economic development, ensuring the dignity of women and encourages quiet domestic life. Stable emotions promote child development. I will foster a culture of life by opposing nuclear proliferation and by improving efficiency in biodefense, Social Security, senior and child life. I had to learn how to listen to patients, and I will have an open-door policy with advisers from IUPUI School of Law, IU, Purdue, Butler, Ball State, Franklin College, Notre Dame, etc.

Name and residency: Trey Hollingsworth, Jeffersonville

Family: I have been married to my wife, Kelly, for nearly four years, and last year we welcomed our first child, Joseph, into the world.

Education: Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania; Georgetown University

Occupation: Businessman

Political experience: I have served as your representative in Congress since 2017.

Contact information for voters: 1-812-379-8739;;

Why are you seeking the office (in 100 words or less)? We must change the culture in Washington. Career politicians won’t fix a system that they have rigged to work for themselves. People with genuine experience need to get involved to get our country ‘ and our government ‘ back in the hands of the people. We need term limits and lobbying bans. Additionally, one of the most basic responsibilities of our federal government is national defense, but, by failing to secure our southern border, we have left our country vulnerable. We must finally secure our borders and ensure that sanctuary cities abide by federal law.

What qualifies you for the office (in 100 words or less)? I firmly believe that real-world experience, not political experience, is key to fixing many problems in D.C. As a business owner, I know how hard it is to create good-paying jobs, balance the books and keep health care costs down for employees. Meanwhile, those that think bigger government is the answer are imposing more laws, more regulations and more taxes upon businesses and families. As a father, I feel each day the importance of fixing the issues in Washington now so future generations aren’t dealing with a mountain of debt and an unsafe world.

What is the No. 1 issue facing Hoosiers and what do you think should be done to correct it (in 150 or less)? I make thousands of personal calls to constituents to hear about the issues that matter most to Hoosier families. The resounding top concern is how we get back to a Washington that listens to us and works for us. Career politicians in both parties are not just part of the problem; they are the problem. They spend too much time focused on climbing the ladder in D.C. and avoiding real decisions. They want easy elections, not the results Americans need. I am an ardent supporter of term limits. Term limits would shake up Washington, bring in new experiences and insights and force elected officials to live under the laws they passed. Additionally, I have authored the strictest lobbying ban in Congress. Elected officials shouldn’t cash in on your trust at the end of their time in office.