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Current trustee challenged in Blue River

The current Blue River Township trustee, Michael Beyerle, is being challenged in the May 8 Primary by Jim Minter on the Republican ticket.
Beyerle served as the township trustee from 2002 to 2008 then was elected again in 2014; however, this will be the first time he has run as a Republican, as he switched from the Democrat party last year.
Currently, there is no Democrat candidate for the township trustee position. However, the party has until noon June 30 to select a candidate to run in the Nov. 6 General Election.
Below are the Republican candidates’ responses to a questionnaire from this newspaper.
Name and residency: Michael Beyerle, Depauw
Family: Wife, Jill; sons, Dakota & Aiden; daughters, Ashton, Kendall & Addison
Education: North Harrison High School
Occupation: Parts Manager, Jacobi Sales Inc.
Political experience: Current Blue River Township trustee, North Harrison school board
Contact information for voters: 812-267-1891; [email protected]
Why are you seeking the office (in 100 words or less)? I enjoy performing the duties of the trustee. I want to ensure that the township’s future needs are planned for and met. I would like the opportunity to ensure that the new fire territory will provide the services needed for our community. I would like to continue providing for everyone in Blue River Township and our entire community. I enjoy working with other public servants and community leaders providing for the residents in our township. It is truly an honor to be able to give back to our township, and it is humbling to be able to serve as trustee.
Why should someone vote for you rather than your opponent (in 100 words or less)? I’m more qualified, fiscally responsible and a good steward of taxpayer dollars. I set and accomplish goals. I have relationships with county leaders/local business owners that help provide for the residents’ best interests. My record proves I’m able to complete projects that benefit the residents. Blue River Township is the fiscal governing body for the fire territory, thus also responsible for collecting and disbursing tax revenues related to providing fire protection for Jackson and Spencer townships. I understand this responsibility because of the amount of research invested during its establishment. Changing leadership now may be detrimental to all three townships.
If elected, what will you do to serve the people of Blue River Township (in 150 words or less)? I will continue to be a leader. I will continue to take the trustee’s job personally. I will continue to always hold our residents’ best interests in highest regards. I will continue to analyze the impacts decisions will have before they are executed. I will continue to always be available to anyone that has concerns. I will always stand for what is best for Blue River Township. I will continue to work with officials from Jackson and Spencer townships and Ramsey (Volunteer) Fire Dept. to ensure the new fire territory provides the best services according to the plans that were developed during its establishment. I want to work with county officials to ensure that Blue River Township participates in the county’s Everbridge emergency notification system. This system will alert residents of an emergency situation. I will continue to assist residents with any and all issues by using my network of contacts.
Name and residency: Jim Minter, Depauw
Family: Chris and I will soon (May) be married 49 years. We have been blessed with three children and six grandchildren.
Education: I graduated from Pleasure Ridge Park High School and attended Morehead State University.
Occupation: I am presently employed part-time as a Walmart associate. I am also treasurer (14 years) and trustee (19 years) at Blue River Baptist Church.
Political experience: I ran for this trustee position in 2014 and lost by a mere six votes. I am starting my third year on the (Harrison County) planning and zoning board and my first year on the (county) board of zoning appeals.
Contact information for voters: 812-968-4845; [email protected]
Why are you seeking the office (in 100 words or less)? I believe every government office should have limits of two terms; after four years they could run again for same office. I will bring fresh ideas, new eyes and ears, which can make a large difference in results of new projects and continuation of present projects. For example, I want to reduce the taxes charged to those I represent. Look at our officeholders and those in Washington, who’ve become stale in their actions and ideas, thinking the people owe them instead of working for and listening to the voters who put us in office to meet their needs, not ours.
Why should someone vote for you rather than your opponent (in 100 words or less)? I can give 100 percent of my time, not working full-time now, to the trustee’s duties. My experience as trustee and treasurer will help me tremendously in performing the job in our township. I will not need an office in my home. I will pay for my own phone and utilities. Not charging the county these items will save approximately $8,000 per year based on what is taking place now. I will do whatever is necessary to maintain cemeteries, provide the needs of the fire department, keep accurate financial records and assist anyone in our township per my duties.
If elected, what will you do to serve the people of Blue River Township (in 150 words or less)? I will save the township approximately $24,000 over one four-year term and use that money as needed in the township and not on me. I will be frugal with the county’s money. I will pay all bills early or on time. When a need arises in the township, I will get bids from different companies and not just choose a good friend to do the job at a higher rate. Please vote for me on May 8, and I will make you thankful you voted in a primary election. You will definitely see a difference in financial statements for Blue River Township.