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‘Pillar of community’ retires from health board

‘Pillar of community’ retires from health board
‘Pillar of community’ retires from health board
Maurice Fisher welcomes his wife, Elenora, to the reception. Photo by Ross Schulz

When the Harrison County Board of Health meets next month, it’ll be the first time since its inception in 1965 that Maurice Fisher will no longer be a board member. Fisher, after 52 years of service and leadership, retired from the board last Wednesday morning.
A reception was held in his honor following the regular board meeting.
‘I’m certain Maurice will hold a record that will stand for a long, long time,’ board president Roger Windell said. ‘His 50-plus years of dedicated and faithful service; we sincerely thank him for all those years and what he’s done for the Harrison County health board. Remarkable.’
Fisher was the vice president at the time of his retirement.
‘I want to thank each and every one of the members now, and past members, for their service,’ Fisher said.
The Harrison County Health Dept. began a joint venture with Floyd County in 1948 and split to become its own entity in 1965, health administrator Tony Combs said.
‘Mr. Maurice Fisher was appointed to that very first board,’ he said. ‘And he’s served since that time.’
Combs presented Fisher with a plaque that read ‘Founding member and protector of the public’s health for over 52 years.’
Combs said Fisher would keep one plaque and the department would also place one in a visible location at the office.
David Hopper, from the Indiana Dept. of Health, recognized Fisher with a certificate in recognition for excellence in public health from the State Health Commissioner, Dr. Kristina Box.
Hopper complimented Fisher for helping with everything around the department, including going out on inspections when no one else was available.
Carrie Herthel, public health nursing administrator, read a letter from Fisher’s daughter, Pamela (Pam) Newton, who was unable to attend the reception.
‘The board has been honored to have you both lead and serve,’ she said. ‘Your unending knowledge of land in the county has enabled you to assist individuals with septic systems, farmers with animal run offs and the development of businesses and housing in the community. In addition, you have been instrumental in acquiring county nurses, immunization for citizens, hiring of county health workers, overseeing the rating of food service businesses and so much more.
‘You are one of the most liked and respected residents of Harrison County. This is, in part, because of your caring and fairness in helping of others. The legacy you are leaving the county is remarkable. You have raised the bar in philanthropy, one that will be hard to obtain for those following you … thank you for being a pillar in the community. You have made Harrison County a safer and better place to live.’
Fisher introduced his wife of 70 years, Elenora, to the board.
Fisher also has served 44 years on the Harrison Township Trustee Advisory Board. He owned Fisher’s Body Shop in Corydon from 1959 to 1980.