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Balanced schedule works for Lanesville

Balanced schedules, or year-round school, are utilized by Lanesville and South Harrison Community School corporations. Recently, the issue of whether or not the schedule is effective has been discussed by administrators in several Floyd and Clark County school systems.
Lanesville Supt. Steve Morris points to attendance rates and their intercession program as the two most successful parts of their balanced schedule.
‘We use every break possible to help our students,’ he said, pointing out that ‘all school systems have to be in session for 180 days, but how you get there should be up to each school.’
North Harrison Community School Corp. does not use a balanced schedule.
‘Our calendar is only about five days apart from the balanced calendar,’ Dr. Lance Richards, superintendent of the NHCSC, said.
The difference is simply preference in when to schedule days away from school.
Lanesville uses its breaks to offer intercession for students who need tutoring, while North Harrison uses summer school for the benefit of struggling students.
Lanesville has two-week breaks during both the fall and spring semesters, while North Harrison has a one-week break in the fall and again in the spring.
The South Harrison Community School Corp. is off seven school days in October, and part of its two-week spring break can be used to make up snow days. April is the only month that students at Lanesville and South Harrison do not see at least one scheduled day off.
Snow days are built into the school year regardless of the calendar used. Lanesville and North Harrison allow for three single days after Christmas break, while South Harrison has one scheduled day but with other days available during the first week of spring break in March. North and South Harrison both schedule the option of using extra days at the end of the school year.
‘The school board, parents and community like our schedule,’ Morris said, adding that, if given the choice, it will stick with what works. ‘We were the first school in Southern Indiana to use the balanced schedule, and we can go it alone again.’