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Hubert on target at IBO

Hubert on target at IBO
Hubert on target at IBO
Shaunna Hubert lines up before releasing her bow in competition. Submitted photo

Shaunna Hubert has made a few bids at the International Bowhunting Organization’s summer triple crown.
Competing in the Female Hunter Class, Hubert achieved the top honor at the IBO by snagging the triple crown.
The final leg of the IBO Triple Crown took place at Fryburg Sportsman’s Club in Tionesta, Pa. Coming off a first-place finish in the second leg, Hubert was poised to shoot well.
At Fryburg, Hubert closed with her highest score ‘ 418 ‘ of the three legs.
‘God has blessed me very much,’ Hubert said. ‘It’s a blessing for me and my family to actually win two national shoots and the triple crown.’
The 418 score was good enough to not only win the third leg, but secure the triple crown, her first.
A year ago, Hubert placed ninth in the overall standings, earning a trip to the IBO World Championships. This time around, Hubert heads to Worlds with a target of winning.
‘I hope to win the Worlds,’ Hubert said. ‘It will be very challenging. It’s on a ski resort, so there will be a lot of mountains. There are no mountains in Indiana to practice, so the terrain will be challenging.’
Hubert’s overall score of 1,236 for three legs was better than runner-up Wendy Lazzell (1,224) of Morgantown, W.Va.
Lazzell kept the pressure on Hubert in the final leg, finishing one point back.
‘It has been tough in the Female Hunter class,’ Hubert said. ‘There are a group of about eight of us that shoot really well. We’ve been close to each other at every shoot. One point has been the difference in a lot of shoots.’
It has been a build up of sorts for Hubert, a mother of five. Prior to the triple crown series, she placed sixth at Winter Nationals and 18th at Spring Nationals.
The tide started to tilt toward Hubert and her bow at the first leg of the triple crown series. She finished fifth with a score of 403 at the event at Pipestem (Pa.) Resort State Park in Pipestem.
The second leg was a personal triumph for Hubert. Held at Fairfax Recreation Area in Bloomington, the Corydon resident scored a 415 for first place.
‘My dad was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident the same weekend of the second leg in Bloomington,’ Hubert said. ‘I know he has been by my side every step of the way.’
Also in tow at the shoots have been members of Hubert’s family. Mother Frances Lasley, sister Sherra West and sister-in-law Lori West have attended the IBO events.
‘They are very big supporters of my shoots,’ Hubert said. ‘Lori and Sherra took turns walking with me throughout the triple crown. My husband (Jeremy) and children sacrificed a lot of time and patience with me traveling, all to accomplish this. All the glory to God for this blessing.’
Hubert said she made some adjustments to her set up before finding success at the triple crown.
‘The first shoot in West Virginia, I did pretty good,’ she said. ‘Then I won the second and third. I had struggled with my bow at the two previous events before the triple crown. The issues were with my sights. I got the sights squared away, and I shot really well after.’
With the sponsorship of Gun World in Corydon, Hubert leaned on Eddie Heil and John Barksdale to get the bow just right.
‘If I needed to make adjustments to my bow and arrows, they can do it,’ Hubert said. ‘They take care of me.’
Barksdale had success in the triple crown as well, taking the Advanced Hunters Class with a score of 1,229. Barksdale, of Jeffersonville, won the first and second legs.
Dylan Spencer of Depauw placed third in the AHC class in the triple crown (1,186). Spencer will join Barksdale and Hubert at the IBO World Championships.
Not only did Hubert take individual honors, she also was part of a four-person team to place first in the women’s triple crown team title. She was joined by Sonya Smothers of Charlestown, Jennifer Davis of Hillsboro, Ohio, and Halle Linger of Parkersburg, W.Va.
Teams, however, will not compete at Worlds.
The IBO World Championships are set for Aug. 11 through 13 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Champion, Pa.