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Track off to cool start at Stargazer

Track off to cool start at Stargazer
Track off to cool start at Stargazer
Sand explodes around Corydon Central senior Keely Martin as she leaped to a third-place finish in the long jump. Photos by Wade Bell

The Silver Creek girls’ and boys’ track teams scored big and often in the Stargazer Invitational track meet at Corydon Central High School on a chilly but clear Friday night, with the Lady Dragons winning by a 24.5-point margin over runner-up Corydon Central, and the Dragons scoring 143 points to second-place finisher Charlestown’s 94.
The key for Silver Creek was multiple scoring in each of its 16 events. The Lady Dragons won five events and had double scoring in 12 events, while the Dragons also won five events and double scored in eight.
In the field events, Crawford County’s Haylea Crandall earned the first blue ribbon of the meet in the high jump with a height of 5 feet, 2 inches. Crandall, who was a Junior Olympic champion last summer with a height of 5-9 and had cleared 5-6 in an earlier meet this spring, made three attempts at 5-7, but she was short of the mark after slightly rolling an ankle on her second attempt.
‘It actually felt really good,’ Crandall said of the attempt. ‘I thought I was going to pull through. Then, right as soon as I was getting ready to jump, the back of my heel slipped and my ankle rolled and I just flew on the mat.’
Crandall said the cold conditions made it tough to stay loose.
‘The warm weather makes me feel better,’ she said. ‘I can be in a tank top and more lights in my eyes. I feel like I’ve got a lot more in me than I did last year. My goal this year sounds crazy, but I want six foot so bad, and I’m going to work all track season and up to summer and to the end of summer.’
In the long jump, Corydon Central senior Keely Martin scored with a third-place finish. It was Martin’s first time in the event in two years.
‘This is the first meet I’ve long jumped in since my sophomore year,’ she said. ‘I’ve felt good all day today, even waking up this morning knowing I had this meet. It’s just hard to stay warm because it’s so cold outside.’
Also in the high jump, North Harrison’s Emily Nealy finished third at 4-8 and Floyd Central’s Emma Farnsley was in a tie for fifth with Charlestown’s Tayte Motzinger at 4-6.
In the long jump, Corydon Central’s Gracie Paden was fourth at 14-10-1/2 with North Harrison’s Gabrielle Scott fifth at 13-11.
North Harrison’s Victoria Perez was third in the shot put with a distance of 29-11 and fourth in the discus at 80-1-1/2.
In the boys’ field events, North Harrison’s Ben Waynescott finished second in the high jump with a height of 6-2, and Crawford County’s Ty Nickelson was third, also at 6-2. Floyd Central’s Noah Metz was fourth at 5-8.
North Harrison swept the pole vault with Evan Book and Austin Spencer tying for the win at 10-6.
Floyd Central’s Clay Miller finished third in the shot put with a distance of 41-6. In the discus, Lanesville scored a win with Austin Gootee throwing 126-1, while Crawford County’s Cameron Marples finished second at 121-9.
In the first of the running events, Floyd Central won the 3,200-meter relay by a four-second margin over Corydon Central, finishing in 10 minutes, 26.97 seconds. North Harrison was fourth at 11:20.31. In the boys’ 3,200 relay, Corydon Central finished second at 9:06.25, while Floyd Central was fourth at 9:21.60.
In the girls’ 100 hurdles, Corydon Central’s Abi Miller finished third in the finals with a time of 18.35 seconds, while South Central’s Genevieve Liebert was fifth at 19.28 seconds.
In the boys’ 110 high hurdles, it was a Charlestown sweep, with Crawford County’s Nickelson finishing third at 44.35 seconds.
‘The trials is actually my first time to run all 10 hurdles this season,’ Nickelson said. ‘So, that was my second. I can’t really complain too much where I’m at right now. It felt smooth. I came out of the gate three-stepping this year, just picking up where I left off last year, and my trials time was almost where it was last year. So, hopefully, I’ll have a good season.’
In the girls’ 100 dash, Crawford County’s Crandall came right off her high-jump victory to win the sprint by a three-step margin over Charlestown’s Hayah Keliner in a time of 13.39 seconds. Corydon Central’s Martin was third at 13.71.
‘I felt OK,’ Martin said of her third-place finish. ‘It’s cold so my muscles were kind of cold and it wasn’t the best I could do. At the time it was because my muscles were cold and kind of tight. I like it warmer definitely. It’s easier for sprinters to run in the warm because their muscles stay warmer. My trials felt way faster than the finals. I’m just trying to go out and run as hard as I can. I want to get to regionals, but state would be great. But my goal is regionals.’
In the first individual distance event, Floyd Central’s Jacqueline Owings and Chloe Loftus ran away with a one-two finish, with Owings winning in a time of 5:41.82 and Loftus second in 5:48.19. Corydon Central’s Sarah Bailey was third in 5:50.26.
Owings said she had been on vacation the week before but prepared herself the week of the meet.
‘From the start, I started good,’ she said. ‘I went out faster than I normally do, so that was key. You’re not boxed in at all. The first lap is (pretty tight). It’s the third lap where people start falling apart. I’m more of endurance running anyway. My mile is not really even my thing. I’m a cross-country runner, so the two mile is more of my thing. I love running in the cooler weather, not like super cold but like this is the happy medium where it’s like really hot and super cold. It feels perfect.’
Silver Creek swept the boys’ 1,600 meters. Corydon Central’s Lauren Blackburn was third in a time of 4:47.06, while North Harrison’s Noah Rothrock finished fourth in 4:48.09.
Crawford County finished second (56.92) in the girls’ 400 relay, with North Harrison third (57.81). Corydon Central was fourth in the boys’ 400 relay with a time of 48.49, and North Harrison was fifth (50.05).
In the girls’ 400 dash, Corydon Central’s Jessie Johnson scored 10 points with a winning time of 1:04.03. Johnson, a freshman, said working the stagger was key.
‘I knew I had to make up the stagger on the first 100 and beat everyone,’ she said. ‘Once I beat that, I just had to push as hard as I could and keep up that pace. My best is 62.7. I really hope I can beat the school record. I think that might be around 59. I’ve still got some work to do, but I think I can do it.’
North Harrison’s Waynescott ran away from the field in the boys’ 400 meters, winning in a time of 54.07 seconds. Corydon Central’s Ryan Shewmaker was second in 56.40, and Lanesville’s Riley Cook was third in 56.77 seconds.
‘I was worried in the beginning because of how cold it was,’ Waynescott said. ‘I hadn’t had any events yet. I hadn’t even started high jumping yet. I was wanting to get my mind cleared of everything and just think about it. I knew I was going to be in lane four, so I just wanted to think about lanes five through eight before I got to the 200. I know it’s cold and everything, but I just wanted to kill myself in this race and take first place, because I’ve been working really hard on the 400 this year so far.’
In the girls’ 300 hurdles, North Harrison’s Naomi Scott finished third in a time of 55.58 seconds, with Corydon Central’s Abi Miller and Jordyn Wallace fourth (56.29) and fifth (57.70), respectively. In the boys’ 300 hurdles, Crawford County’s Nickelson settled for his third third-place finish of the night with a time of 44.35 seconds.
‘It was surprisingly good for not going over them yet,’ Nickelson said. ‘It’s cold. I was stretching and trying to stay warm for the high jump. I’ve just been jogging and bouncing around in place trying to keep my legs warm. It’s a longer recovery between races.’
In the boys’ 800 run, North Harrison’s Rothrock finished second in 2:06.78, Corydon Central’s Blackburn third (2:11.17) and Lanesville’s Ridge Hess fourth (2:11.97). In the girls’ 800, Corydon Central’s Brianna Medcalf won her heat, finishing more than 100 meters ahead of the next closest finisher.
Medcalf then had to wait on the second heat’s results to see where her time rated compared to the rest of the field. When it was over, Medcalf’s time of 2:36.60 earned her the win, with teammate Hannah Marshall second in 2:37.23.
‘Really, it’s not fighting against the other girls but fighting against the time,’ Medcalf said. ‘I was just trying to push myself harder than I ever have to try to stay up with the other girls in the faster heat. I think I can just learn more and see where I fit in better. I can push myself to keep going better.’
Medcalf said she still focuses on her race, even when running alone, away from other competitors.
‘Honestly, I think about that last stretch of getting done and it’s just trying to make myself better and trying to improve,’ she said. ‘That’s really what I think about, and trying to beat my PRs and keep going harder.’
Marshall said she was just overjoyed to be running again after recovering from a serious hip injury last year.
‘Last year, I had two fractures in my right hip, so I’ve been doing rehab,’ she said. ‘My muscle started contracting as it pulled off the bone. It’s been a fight to get back, but it’s all been worth it and it’s paid off.’
‘I love the race and I love the feeling, and just seeing them just made me keep pushing and going as fast I can,’ Marshall said. ‘I didn’t want to let my team down or let myself down. I have a lot of high goals for myself this year. It feels good to be back.’
Corydon Central’s Madison Engleman and Lilly Wolfe finished second (29.82) and third (29.88), respectively, in the girls’ 200 finals. In the girls’ 3,200 meters, Floyd Central’s Isabella Knable won in 12:46.06, with Corydon Central’s Sarah Bailey and Marcie Stewart second (12:49.42) and third (12:51.70), respectively. In the boys’ 3,200 meters, Corydon Central’s Blackburn and Dylen Lawson were third (19:57.87) and fourth (10:58.01), respectively.
In the final event of the night, the Corydon Central Lady Panthers won the 1,600-meter relay in a time of 4:33.14, while North Harrison finished fourth in 4:48.53. In the boys’ relay, Corydon Central was third in 3:52.56, and Floyd Central fifth in 3:56.59.

Girls’ team scores: 1. Silver Creek 155.5, 2. Corydon Central 131.25, 3. Charlestown 75.75, 4. North Harrison 67, 5. Floyd Central 61, 6. Eastern (Pekin) 56, 7. Crawford County 54, 8. Austin 5.25, 9. South Central 4, 10. Lanesville 3.25.
Girls’ individual results: 100 ‘ Haylea Crandall (CrCo) 13.39; 200 ‘ Haley Baxter (SilCk) 29.29; 400 ‘ Jessie Johnson (Cory) 1:04.03; 800 ‘ Brianna Medcalf (Cory) 2:36.60; 1,600 ‘ Jacqueline Owings (FC) 5:41.82; 3,200 ‘ Isabella Knable (FC) 12:46.06; 100 hurdles ‘ Alexis Cook (SilCk) 17.32; 300 hurdles ‘ Marie Terry (EP) 51.16; 400 relay ‘ Silver Creek 54.71; 1,600 relay ‘ Corydon Central 4:31.14; 3,200 relay ‘ Floyd Central 10:26.97; High jump ‘ Haylea Crandall (CrCo) 5-2; Pole vault ‘ Riley Allred (SilCk) 8-0; Long jump ‘ Carley Conway (Char) 15-2 1/2; Shot put ‘ Lexie Messer (SilCk) 34-9 1/2; Discus ‘ DeAsia King (Char) 65-1.
Boys’ team scores: 1. Silver Creek 143, 2. Charlestown 94, 3. North Harrison 64, 4. Corydon Central 61, 5. Floyd Central 55, 6. Salem 48.5, 7. Crawford County 38, 8. Eastern (Pekin) 37, 9. Lanesville 32.5, 10. Austin 25, 11. New Albany 21, 12. South Central 5.
Boys’ individual results: 100 ‘ Evan Brishaber (Slm) 11.43; 200 ‘ Evan Brishaber (Slm) 23.83; 400 ‘ Ben Waynescott (NH) 54.07; 800 ‘ Luke Poe (SilCk) 2;05.40; 1,600 ‘ Cameron Stephens (SilCk) 4:41.71; 3,200 ‘ Preston Coots (SilCk) 10:29.12; 100 hurdles ‘ Steven Delaney (Char) 15.58, 300 hurdles ‘ Steven Delaney (Char) 42.27; 400 relay ‘ Charlestown 46.70; 1,600 relay ‘ Silver Creek 3:46.77; 3,200 relay ‘ Silver Creek 8:48.80; High jump ‘ Brandon Eberle (EP) 6-2; Pole vault ‘ Evan Book (NH) 10-6; Long jump ‘ Brenden Lawler (Char) 20-5 3/4; Shot put ‘ Luke Finchum (Char) 45-4; Discus ‘ Austin (Lnsvl).