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Corydon girls 2nd at sectional; Lone 5th

Corydon girls 2nd at sectional; Lone 5th
Corydon girls 2nd at sectional; Lone 5th
North Harrison's Nathaniel Lone cracks the top-five in Saturday's Crawford County cross country sectional with a fifth-place finish. Photo by Wade Bell

Floyd Central and Christian Academy of Indiana were big winners at the Crawford County cross country sectional Saturday morning, with the Lady Highlanders winning by a 72-point margin over runner-up Corydon Central. In the boys’ division, Christian Academy won by 38 points over New Albany.
Christian Academy also had the individual winners, with Mckenna Cavannaugh winning for the girls and Caleb Futter for the boys.
Floyd Central didn’t make it easy for Cavannaugh. At the start, Cavannaugh quickly got to the front with Floyd Central’s Kylie Sorg and Faith Barba on the outside of the lead group going into the first turn. One advantage the Lady Highlanders had this year that they haven’t had the last few years is a completely healthy team.
‘When I was watching them through, I’m watching their gait and watching their breathing more than I’m watching their place,’ assistant coach Mary Paul, who was subbing for head coach Carl Hook, said. ‘How are we feeling? Are we doing OK? I just want them healthy and happy, and I got it.’
Cavannaugh gained some breathing room by the halfway point, with Sorg in second place and Barba close behind in third. Sorg made up the ground and had a two-step lead coming to the finish. Cavannaugh made a surge with 10 meters to go to push just ahead of Sorg and get the win by just 0.56 of a second in a time of 19 minutes, 19.17 seconds.
Sorg said she learned a lot from the race that she will use in this week’s Crawford County Regional.
‘This helps immensely,’ she said, ‘because now I know where to push and I know how much to give, and through this week I can work on getting my speed up a little bit more for that last stretch.’
Barba said she needed a good sectional to rebound from a poor performance she believed she gave during last week’s Hoosier Hills Conference race.
‘I didn’t have a good conference meet, so I came into this race thinking that this was a good redemption race for me,’ Barba said. ‘I had lots to prove to myself and to others that I am capable of running well. … ‘
The Lady Highlanders had a low score of 25 points, putting all seven of their runners in the top 10. Besides Sorg and Barba, Lillian Pierce was fifth, Chloe Loftus seventh, Erica Batliner eighth, Jacqueline Owings ninth and Morgan Paul 10th.
‘As Carl always says, you take care of business,’ Mary Paul said. ‘If we go up there and take care of business, it’s great. They always go out there to take care of business … ‘
The Corydon Central Lady Panthers advanced in a big way with their runner-up finish. Sarah Bailey was Corydon Central’s top runner at 12th, with Marcie Stewart 17th, Brianna Medcalf 18th, Anna Bailey 22nd, Alexa Orme 25th, Allyssa Edwards 28th and Elizabeth Blackburn 31st.
‘We came into this race thinking that New Albany was close to all of our times,’ Bailey said. ‘We were looking at the last race, and all the times were really close. So, we were going to go and look for their team and go get them. We picked out the New Albany and Jeff girls. Those are usually our competitors.’
Like Sorg, Bailey said having the regional back at Crawford County helps, as she knows where to push and where any problem spots might be.
‘It helps me where I feel bad and where I need to keep pushing and tell myself to push a little bit harder in those places where I seem like I’m falling behind,’ she said. ‘We’re feeling really good. I’m so proud of my team this year. We’re doing so good, and we’re so excited.’
Crawford County finished sixth as a team, just eight points behind Providence, which grabbed the last qualifying spot. The Lady Pack, however, did put three runners into the regional with Gabrielle Gaines 20th, Rachel Schwartz 23rd and Aimsley Logsdon 32nd.
North Harrison finished two points behind Crawford County in seventh place. The Lady Cats’ Sadie Rothrock made the cut in 12th place as did Cassidy Thompson in 14th.
Lanesville’s Lily Romeo finished 35th to qualify along with South Central’s Mary Cory, who finished 27th.
‘It felt good,’ Rothrock said. ‘It’s one of the better races I’ve had this season. It was good. It really pushes me having those in front of me … ‘
The front of the boys’ race was just as close as the girls’. Christian Academy’s Futter and Skylar Stidam and Crawford County’s Christian Carlton battled for the win through the entire 5,000 meters. With 100 meters to go, Futter and Stidam were in a dead heat with Carlton just a few steps back. Carlton made one final surge to the Christian Academy pair, but it wasn’t enough as Futter edged Stidam by just 0.07 of a second, winning in a time of 16:30.36. Carlton was six seconds back in 16:36.45.
‘I really didn’t plan on staying up there with them, but I felt good enough I might as well,’ Carlton said. ‘It just kind of went from there … Probably about the two-mile mark they were starting to edge up there, and it was hard to stay up there with them. I was just trying to (gain on them), even though they were just trying to get first and second.’
Christian Academy had all seven of its runners in the top 30 with a score of 38 for the team win. Besides the first two, Bryce Dunn was fourth, Jaden Hardesty 14th and Evan Heitz 17th to round out the Warriors’ top five.
North Harrison’s Nathaniel Lone finished fifth as the Cougars’ No. 1 for the day. The Cougars grabbed one of the regional spots, finishing fourth behind New Albany and Jeffersonville. Besides Lone, Noah Rothrock was seventh, Chase Long 44th, Caden Smith 51st and Jadyn Martin 54th for the Cougars’ first five.
‘A little disappointed, honestly,’ Lone said. ‘I think I took off way too fast. Everybody was going pretty fast. My goal today was to stay with Futter as long as possible. He’s an amazing runner. … ‘
‘Everyone wants first, of course, but we know Christian Academy is a really good team,’ Lone said. ‘We knew they were going to be tough. We just went out there, and my whole team gave it their all.’
Others making the cut were Providence’s Reid Masterson (sixth place), Crawford County’s Cooper Murphy (21st) and Borden’s Christian Terflinger (32nd).
Corydon Central didn’t qualify as a team, finishing sixth behind Floyd Central, but put nearly its entire team into the regional individually, with Dylan Bachman 16th, Lauren Blackburn 22nd, Jadyn Swords 29th, Dereje Carl 33rd, Blaze Abner 34th and Jacob Ross 35th.
For the Floyd Central Highlanders, it wasn’t a good day, with the team finishing in the fifth and final regional slot. Coach Tim Korte said, if his team fails to make it to the Brown County Semi-state, it would be the first time in the program’s history that the boys’ team failed to qualify out of the regional.
‘We didn’t look good at all,’ he said. ‘We ran awful. We’re scrapping out, and, if you scrape out, it means you’re not looking good for next week. If we don’t make it out of regional, it’s going to be a disaster. Hopefully, it was just a bad race. It was a perfect day. The course is great. The weather’s great. Everything’s great, and other teams showed up better than us today.
‘Once you start the gun, there’s nothing you can do. Your guys are going to show up on that given day or they’re not, and we didn’t show up well enough today. So, we’ll let the cards lay like that and see how it goes next week, hopefully.’
Girls’ team scores (Top 5 to regional) ‘ 1. Floyd Central 25, 2. Corydon Central 97, 3. New Albany 98, 4. Christian Academy of Indiana 113, 5. Providence 146, 6. Crawford County 154, 7. North Harrison 156, 8. Jeffersonville 157, 9. Borden 269.
Girls’ individual results ‘ 1. McKenna Cavannaugh (CAI) 19:19.17, 2. Kylie Sorg (FC) 19:19.73, 3. Faith Barba (FC); 4. Sydney Liddle (CAI) 19:51.44, 5. Lillian Pearce (FC) 19:55.45, 6. Bailey Wade (Prov) 20:01.64, 7. Chloe Loftus (FC) 20:03.85, 8. Erica Batliner (FC) 20:06.97, 9. Jacqueline Owings (FC) 20:26.62, 10. Morgan Paul (FC) 20:44.41, 11. Natalie Boesing (Prov) 20:49.21, 12. Sadie Rothrock (NH) 20:51.88, 13. Olivia Hawkins (NA) 21:05.19, 14. Cassidy Thompson (NH) 21:26.71, 15. Sarah Bailey (Cor) 21:28.81, 16. Alexandria Hogue (NA) 21:31.54, 17. Marcie Stewart (Cor) 21:37.01, 18. Brianna Medcalf (Cor) 21:56.10, 19. Lindsey Robb (NA) 22;05.37, 20. Gabrielle Gaines (CC) 22:24.42.
Girls’ advancing individuals from non-qualifying teams ‘ 12. Sadie Rothrock (NH), 14. Cassidy Thompson (NH), 20. Gabrielle Gaines (CC), 21. Taylor Wooten (Jeff), 23. Rachel Schwartz (CC), 29. Kiersten Poor (Jeff), 30. Josey Noel (Jeff), 32. Aimsley Logsdon (CC), 35. Lily Romeo (Lanesville), 37. Mary Cory (South Central).
Boys’ individual scores (Top 5 to regional) ‘ 1. Christian Academy of Indiana 38, 2. New Albany 76, 3. Jeffersonville 99, 4. North Harrison 115, 5. Floyd Central 116, 6. Corydon Central 134, 7. Crawford County 165, 8. Providence 185, 9. Borden 185, 10. Lanesville 295.
Boys’ individual results ‘ 1. Caleb Futter (CAI) 16;30.26, 2. Skylar Stidam (CAI) 16:30.43, 3. Christian Carlton (CC) 16:36.45, 4. Bryce Dunn (CAI) 16:47.38, 5. Nathaniel Lone (NH) 16:55.28, 6. Reid Masterson (Prov) 17:02.67, 7. Noah Rothrock (NH) 17:05.49, 8. James Haller (NA) 17:06.40, 9. Alexander Wallingford (NA) 17:07.07, 10. Shon Taylor (NA) 17:14.64, 11. Collier Smith (NH) 17:21.27, 12. Lucas Renfrow (Jeff) 17:27.99, 13. Bailey Hecker (Jeff) 17:31.47, 14. Jaden Hardesty (CAI) 17:31.49, 15. Sam Owings (FC) 17:37.78, 16. Dylan Bachman (Cor) 17:41.55, 17. Evan Heitz (CAI) 17:44.53, 18. Billy Pierce (FC) 17:44.54, 19. Kyle Sanders (Jeff) 17:45.22, 20. Hunter Estes (CAI) 17:46.71.
Boys’ advancing individuals from non-qualifying teams ‘ 3. Christian Carlton (CC), 6. Reid Masterson (Prov), 16. Dylan Bachman (Cor), 21. Cooper Murphy (CC), 22. Lauren Blackburn (Cor), 29. Jaydn Swords (Cor), 32. Christian Terflinger (Bor), 33. Dereje Carl (Cor), 34. Blaze Abner (Cor), 35. Jacob Ross (Cor).