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Elizabeth to re-plot Rose Hill

Elizabeth to re-plot Rose Hill
Elizabeth to re-plot Rose Hill
Scott Fontan with Qk4 readies his drone for action Friday afternoon, Sept. 23, at Rose Hill Cemetery in Elizabeth. Photo by Ross Schulz

Elizabeth Town Manager/Clerk-Treasurer Hugh Burns has plans to conduct a complete and accurate update of the more than 2,000 graves at Rose Hill Cemetery, one of the county’s largest cemeteries.
The current maps of the 7.5-acre cemetery were hand-drawn by former clerk-treasurer Mary Simcox in 1984, with no expert help, Burns said.
Burns hopes to ‘ with updated maps of grave markers ‘ encourage family members to help maintain the cemetery as well as accurately be able to offer new grave sites.
In the last five years, maintenance costs for the cemetery have totaled $48,000, while only $14,000 was generated through grave-site sales.
The town receives funds from an endowment fund for the cemetery at the Harrison County Community Foundation.
‘Donations to the endowment fund must be increased from those who want the cemetery properly taken care of,’ Burns said.
Burns hired Louisville engineering and planning firm Qk4 to use $40,000 drone equipment to photograph the entire cemetery for plotting. The cost was $4,500, and it was paid for by the town’s riverboat gaming funds.
Qk4 provided, or will provide, the following:
An existing cemetery plot lay-out diagram overlaid on aerial imagery.
Work with Burns for any plot lay-out modification to historical recordings to fine-tune cemetery plot layout.
A board-mounted 30-by-42-foot aerial image with plot lay-out overlay.
PDF files with aerial images and plot lay-out overlay.
Qk4 has always been committed to utilizing new survey technology to gather information in ways that will increase production, improve precision and enhance presentation of surveys, according to the company’s website.
‘With this commitment to the exploration of new technology, Qk4 has been on the leading edge of drone technology for the purposes of surveying and the aerial documentation of ‘real time’ existing conditions, and we are no longer at the mercy of the previously available static online aerial imagery,’ it said.
Currently, the cemetery is about 65 percent occupied.
Rose Hill, the second largest cemetery in Harrison County, is located on the west side of the town. The land for the cemetery was donated by Jacob Zenor and wife, with the only rule being that burial be made available regardless of the religious denomination of the deceased.