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Accused child predator arrested in Louisville

Accused child predator arrested in Louisville
Accused child predator arrested in Louisville
Christopher Broy

A Corydon man wanted on felony charges sexual in nature was arrested during the weekend in Louisville.
Christopher Joseph Broy, 39, faces charges of sexual misconduct with a minor, child solicitation and possession of child pornography in Harrison County and faces similar charges in two other Southern Indiana counties.
During a press conference Monday afternoon, Harrison County Prosecutor J. Otto Schalk said his office will seek extradition of Broy and will work closely with other counties, including Scott and Floyd, where charges have been filed against Broy.
According to Schalk, most of Broy’s victims, perhaps as many as 100, were between the ages of 12 and 18.
Harrison County began its investigation in early July after a 16-year-old girl told a detective with the sheriff’s department that she had met Broy at a church event when she was 15 then started messaging him through Snapchat, an application on her smartphone. The girl told police she believed Broy to be 25, when, in fact, he was 38 at the time.
According to a probable cause affidavit, the girl told police Broy asked her several times to send him nude photos of herself. As she initially refused, Broy allegedly threatened to tell the girl’s parents she had already been sending him inappropriate photos if she didn’t comply or give him money.
Since she didn’t have any money, the girl told police she sent several requested pictures prior to her 16th birthday.
Then, according to the victim, Broy said he wanted to have intercourse with her and, if she didn’t comply, he would show her parents the nude photos. Broy and the girl, who was still 15, allegedly had intercourse on three separate occasions in the girl’s bedroom while her parents were at work.
Broy, who was residing at a halfway house in Corydon, was already on probation for another incident.
Schalk said a ‘litany of charges appear to be likely’ following numerous reports involving Broy.
‘There would be initial contact online and then he would be using photos as blackmail and bribery to gain further access to children,’ the prosecutor said. ‘This is textbook predator and prey.’
Schalk urged anyone else who may have been solicited by Broy to contact his office at 812-738-4241. He also had a message for parents.
‘No matter how tight you lock your door at night, social media has the capability of allowing predators into your child’s room,’ he said. ‘And as a prosecuting attorney, who has handled far too many cases involving child solicitation on social media, I encourage all parents in this digital age to sit down and have a conversation with your children. Set time limits. Only allow social media to be used in common areas, not their bedrooms. Be a good example yourself on social media.’
Schalk referred to social media as a ‘digital tattoo.’
‘When you post a photo on the Internet, just like a tattoo, it’s not going anywhere,’ he said. ‘Even if the social media website reports that the photo is going to disappear after a brief period of time, predators exploit this. Explain to your children that they should spend some time thinking about whether they want their photos for the world to see.’
Broy is facing charges of child molestation and child solicitation in Scott County. In Floyd County, he is charged with child solicitation.