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Engineer provides turnover data

Harrison County Engineer Kevin Russel, after discussions in previous county government meetings, provided data to shed more light on the employee turnover in the highway department Monday night during his report at the board of commissioners meeting.
In the last four years, Russel said, the department has seen a total of 25 people leave for various reasons.
Forty-four percent of those resigned, while 32 percent retired, 16 percent were terminated with medical issues (unable to attain or renew a Commercial Driver’s License) and 8 percent were terminated for cause.
The highway department employs 39, meaning a little more than six employees per year leave the department.
Commissioner George Ethridge said it was an enviable turnover rate.
‘The vast majority is under retirement or resigned,’ he said.
Russel said at least a couple of the departed employees did so because they received a raise or a better offer from their previous job.
According to, a healthy turnover rate is 10 percent, but it certainly can vary from place to place and the total number of employees is also a determining factor.
Turnover in the department has increased the last couple years, with five in 2013, four in 2014, nine in 2015 and already seven this year.
All seven this year either retired or resigned.
Only two employees in the four-year span were terminated for cause (both occurred last year).
In 2013, the average turnover rate in the United States was 15 percent, according to
At a council meeting last month, Councilman Jim Heitkemper said it seemed like there had been a lot of turnover in county government as a whole and requested an explanation from the commissioners.
In other engineer matters, Russel said a plan is in the works, only the beginning design phase, for the re-routing of Doolittle Hill Road to Stucky Road to take out the intersection with S.R. 111, what Commissioner Jim Klinstiver called the ‘most dangerous intersection in the county.’
Russel said asphalt resurfacing packages will go to bid next month for each district.