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Harrison log cabin exhibit opens

Harrison log cabin exhibit opens
Harrison log cabin exhibit opens
Karen Schwartz stands outside the William Henry Harrison log cabin Thursday morning. Photo by Ross Schulz

The William Henry Harrison Log Cabin Exhibit, located in the old Branham Tavern structure along North Capitol Avenue in downtown Corydon, is now complete and open to the public.
The cabin, owned by the Historical Society of Harrison County, houses artifacts from the Harrison County Public Library’s collection and more.
‘This is just the tip of the iceberg,’ Karen Schwartz, Society president, said of the artifacts currently on display.
The exhibit includes a William Henry Harrison section in the front room, along with various other artifacts.
The feature item in the main room of the first floor is the Squire Boone cabinet.
‘It’s like it was meant to go in this corner,’ Schwartz said.
The exhibit welcomed hundreds of people during the weekend, Schwartz said, with guests taking a trip down memory lane relaying stories such as buying dotted Swiss fabric at Griffin’s Store, riding the Corydon bus line, working on the farm, looking in the windows to check out who was in Donahue’s and more.
‘One thing that has really stood out is the rich conversations that have been sparked by the artifacts,’ Schwartz said.
Schwartz said the first folks to visit were from Texas, and they were impressed with the exhibit, even though they were unfamiliar with the majority of the people and places featured.
The library owns the majority of the artifacts on display, as well as many more in the basement of the cabin that still need to be examined.
‘The library has had many artifacts given to us over the years for safe keeping,’ Vi Eckart, library director, said. ‘In more recent time, we have been in a position to purchase items at auction as they come available.’
The library has used earnings on endowment funds that have come through the Harrison County Community Foundation as well as unrestricted gift money for the acquisitions.
‘The library has worked closely with the Historical Society of Harrison County to acquire artifacts of historical significance that protect and preserve the legacy and history of the community,’ Eckart said. ‘In addition to having a Harrison County Discovery Center, the ultimate dream is that someday a county historical museum could house all of these acquisitions.’
Located at 419 N. Capitol Ave., the log cabin ‘ one of the nine original buildings remaining from the Capital Period (1816 to 1825) ‘ was purchased with funding from the Harrison County Community Foundation, county government, Harrison County Bicentennial Committee, Town of Corydon, O’Bannon Foundation and private donors.
Summer hours of the exhibition are Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.
Admittance is free. Visitors should enter through the east doors.
For more information, contact Schwartz at 812-736-2373 or by email at [email protected]