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Commemorations set for two HC pioneers

The State of Indiana will commemorate two of its original founders, Dennis Pennington and John Boone. Both are buried in Harrison County.
On June 10, 1816, in Corydon, Pennington and Boone were among the 43 men gathered to vote on Indiana statehood and who began to draft the state’s first constitution.
Two hundred years later, thanks to efforts by the Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Pennington and Boone will be honored on Friday.
A ceremony for Pennington, the former Speaker of the lower house of the Indiana Territory, will take place at noon at the Pennington Chapel Cemetery, located along Pennington Chapel Road northwest of Corydon. A ceremony for Boone, first cousin to Squire and Daniel Boone, will follow at 1:30 at Old Goshen Cemetery near Laconia.
Both ceremonies are open to the public.
The remaining constitutional delegates buried in Indiana also will be honored later in the month.
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