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2 days needed to complete; CC’s Oliver sweeps throws

2 days needed to complete; CC’s Oliver sweeps throws
2 days needed to complete; CC’s Oliver sweeps throws
Corydon Central's Liz Thomas (574) hands off to Maddie Zink in the first leg of the 400-meter relay in the girls' track sectional last Tuesday. The Lady Panthers finished fifth in the event. Photo by Wade Bell

It took an extra day to determine a winner, but the Floyd Central Lady Highlanders came away with another track sectional championship at Corydon Central last Wednesday afternoon, as they edged runner-up New Albany by just four points.
While the majority of the meet was ran on a rainy and cold Tuesday, officials determined the wet conditions were too dangerous and unfair for those in the long jump finals and pole vault, and those events were completed the following day.
A light rain moved in just as the field events began and that made it difficult for some, while others worked the conditions to their advantage. Corydon Central’s Ashley Oliver brought home wins in both the discus and shot put for the Lady Panthers, winning the discus with a distance of 116 feet, 3 inches and 35 feet, 9-1/2 inches in the shot. Floyd Central’s Paige Muntz was fourth in the shot put with a distance of 33 feet, 1/2 inch.
Floyd Central’s Kailey Price made the regional cut in the discus on her next-to-last throw in the finals to finish third at 103 feet, 11 inches, while North Harrison’s Lily Hatton finished fourth with a best throw of 101 feet, 5-1/2 inches.
A jump-off was needed to determine a winner in the high jump as Eastern’s Rachel Stewart and Crawford County’s Elizabeth McCoy both failed to reach the 5-foot mark after clearing 4-10. The bar was brought back to 4-11, with each getting one attempt. Stewart made the mark while McCoy missed, giving Stewart the win. North Harrison’s Emily Nealy finished third at 4 feet, 10 inches on jumps, and Crawford County’s Katelyn Kaiser was fourth at 4-10, as well. McCoy said the wet conditions worked in her favor.
‘Surprisingly, I jump better in cold weather,’ she said. ‘It’s really weird. The day I PR’ed at 5 foot it was pretty windy and chilly, which is always weird, but it’s just the way it works, I guess.’
‘The girl from Eastern, her and I had no scratches from the time we started to the last height we cleared,’ McCoy said. ‘At 5 foot, we attempted and (missed). So, you can’t tie for first. So, they had it moved down to 4-11 and we only had one attempt. I scratched and she cleared and, by that time of the night, I was really too tired to really care.’
New Albany’s Allyson Cathey won the long jump the next day with a distance of 15 feet, 9 inches, with North Harrison’s Jillian Longacre finishing third at 14 feet, 7 inches to qualify for this week’s regional.
The pole vault eventually determined the meet’s overall team winner. Floyd Central’s Kylie Smith set a new personal best with a vault of 10 feet, with teammate Claire Lowney finishing third at 9 feet.
In the first running event, Floyd Central’s Carmen Cox and Corinne Cox chased after New Albany’s Ucheoma Eze in the 100-meter hurdles, but the Lady Highlanders pair had to settle for second and third place, respectively. Both were just happy to advance to the Evansville Bosse Regional.
‘I think our coaches wanted better, but I’m personally happy with it,’ Carmen Cox said. ‘(The rain) was a factor, but it’s for everyone. So, we all experience it. It sucks. I always blast the hurdles and just run pretty much.’
Eze also won the 300-meter hurdles in a time of 48.14 seconds, while Corinne Cox finished second in 48.84. Carmen Cox got leaned out by Marie Terry for third place, with Cox at 49.24 seconds to Terry’s 48.85 seconds.
In the 100-meter dash, Corydon Central’s Keely Martin was fourth with a time of 14.12 seconds, while New Albany’s Aaliya Bell got the win in 13.52 seconds. New Albany also won the 200-meter dash as Chyna Anthony crossed the finish line in 25.94 seconds, a new sectional record. Floyd Central’s Zoe Fifer and Gracie Fitzgerald swept the 400-meter dash, with Fifer winning in a time of 1:04.99 and Fitzgerald second in 1:05.63.
‘For me personally, the rain and the cold affects me, but I think I came out and did OK,’ Fifer said. ‘I was pretty tight, especially around that 200 mark. I knew (Gracie) was there. It helps a lot. When you’re by yourself up there, you have no idea what you’re doing. If no one is behind you, you can say, ‘Oh, no one can get it. I can cruise.’ It’s best when someone is right next to you. It makes you push harder.’
In the 800-meter run, Floyd Central sophomore Faith Barba extended her season with a second-place finish in a time of 2:25.31, while teammate Lillian Pearce finished fourth in 2:31.71. The Lady Highlanders’ Kassidy Manning and Erica Batliner had to settle for second (5:16.68) and third (5:41.79), respectively, in the 1,600-meter run, as Christian Academy of Indiana’s McKenna Cavanaugh ran away with the win in a time of 5:15.57.
Manning also had to settle for second place behind Cavanaugh (11:42.80) in the 3,200-meter run, finishing in 11 minutes, 43.70 seconds. Manning’s teammate, Morgan Paul, was third in 12:34.40, with Corydon Central’s Kristain Proctor fourth in 12:48.50.
In the relays, North Harrison had to settle for fourth place in the 400-meter event with a time of 56.02 seconds. The Lady Highlanders won both the 1,600-meter (4:16.50) and 3,200-meter (10:31.79) relays. Corydon Central got a regional slot in the 3,200-meter relay with a second-place time of 10:44.13.

Girls’ team scores: 1. Floyd Central 152, 2. New Albany 148, 3. Providence 79, 4. Corydon Central 60, 5. North Harrison 55.5, 6. Christian Academy of Indiana 39, 7. Eastern (Pekin) 30, 8. Borden 22, 9. Crawford County 21.5, 10. South Central 9, 11. Lanesville 5.
Girls’ individual results (Top 3 to regional): 100 ‘ 1. Aaliyah Bell (NA) 13.52, 2. Brittany Albert (CAI) 13.67, 3. Hannah Hanlon (Prov); 200 ‘ 1. Chyna Anthony (NA) 25.94*, 2. Sarah Welsh (Prov) 26.44, 3. Aaliyah Bell (NA) 26.54; 400 ‘ 1. Zoe Fifer (FC) 1:04.99, 2. Gracie Fitzgerals (FC) 1:05.63, 3. Emily Hawkins (NA) 1:06.83; 800 ‘ 1. Bayley Wade (Prov) 2:20.81, 2. Faith Barba (FC) 2:25.31, 3. Olivia Hawkins (NA) 2:26.21; 1,600 ‘ 1. McKenna Cavanaugh (CAI) 5:15.57, 2. Kassidy Manning (FC) 5:16.68, 3. Erica Batliner (FC) 5:41.79; 3,200 ‘ 1. McKenna Cavanaugh (CAI) 11:42.80, 2. Kassidy Manning (FC) 11:43.70, 3. Morgan Paul (FC) 12:34.40; 100 hurdles ‘ 1. Echeoma Eze (NA) 17.07, 2. Carmen Cox (FC) 17.27, 3. Corinne Cox (FC) 17.37; 300 hurdles ‘ 1. Eze Ucheoma (NA) 48.14, 2. Corinne Cox (FC) 48.84, 3. Marie Terry (EP) 48.85; 400 relay ‘ 1. New Albany 52.20, 2. Providence 54.12, 3. Eastern Pekin 55.52; 1,600 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 4:16.50, 2. Providence 4:17.50, 3. New Albany 4:24.60; 3,200 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 10:31.79, 2. Corydon Central 10:44.13, 3. New Albany 10:51.48; High jump ‘ 1. Rachel Stewart (EP) 4-11, 2. Elizabeth McCoy (CrCa) 4-10, 3. Emily Nealy (NH) 4-10; Pole vault ‘ 1. Kylie Smith (FC) 10-00, 2. Mystique Roux (NA) 9-6, 3. Claire Lowney (FC) 9-0; Long jump ‘ 1. Allyson Cathey (NA) 15-9, 2. Natalie Ruedinger (Bor) 14-11 3/4, 3. Jillian Longacre (NH) 14-7; Shot put ‘ 1. Ashley Oliver (Cory) 35-9 1/2, 2. Kelsy Taylor (NA) 33-2 1/2, 3. Ashley Lyninger (NA) 33-0 1/2; Discus ‘ 1. Ashley Oliver (Cory) 116-5, 2. Ashley Lyninger (NA) 114.4, 3. Kailey Price (FC) 103-11.
*Sectional record