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Kingrey sentenced in beating of Corydon man

Joseph T. Kingrey, a New Salisbury man charged with various felony counts due to his involvement in the severe beating last October of 71-year-old Richard Shewmaker, was sentenced to 20 years at the Indiana Dept. of Corrections.
Kingrey entered a guilty plea to burglary, battery and theft.
No bond was set.
On count 1, burglary, a level 2 felony, Kingrey was sentenced to 20 years with five suspended and credit for 192 actual days served and 64 earned credit days. On counts three (battery) and four (theft), Kingrey was sentenced to 2-1/2 years on each.
Kingrey will be placed on probation for five years.
A probable cause affidavit says a burglary and assault left Shewmaker with a severe, life-threatening head injury. Following the attack, Shewmaker, owner of Shewmaker Farm Equipment north of Corydon, was rushed to University Hospital in Louisville, where he had emergency brain surgery due to a brain bleed from an attack. After the surgery, he was placed into a temporary coma.
Kingrey, carrying a large, wooden handle, and one other person allegedly snuck into the home through Shewmaker’s back door and allegedly saw Shewmaker sitting behind his desk counting money.
‘They ran at him, and Joseph hit Richard in the head with the large wooden handle,’ according to the affidavit. ‘Joseph then handed the wooden handle to his friend while he grabbed the money and a checkbook off Richard’s desk.’
The narrative goes on to say that, while Kingrey grabbed the money, his friend also hit Shewmaker with the wooden handle then the two ran out of the home. Kingrey allegedly told police he took just over $1,700.
When interviewed the night of the attack, Shewmaker said he had $1,735 stolen, along with a checking deposit book.
A second man, Michael A. Schaffer Jr., 18, Palmyra, also was arrested in connection with the incident and will have a pretrial conference June 3.