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Eagles break in track

Eagles break in track
Eagles break in track
Competitors from Lanesville and Austin take off at the starting gun during the 800-meter run. Photos by Brian Smith

The last time Lanesville hosted a track meet of any sort, the current crop of Eagles could have been crawling or wobbling on the track. Or, playing in the jump pit.
For the first time in 15 years, Lanesville welcomed visitors to the refurbished Lanesville Community Track and Field Complex. Austin and South Central brought the competition on the sunny Thursday afternoon, but the Eagles were able to show off the new digs.
Fans could line the track’s fence on the concrete apron or sit in the sunbaked bleachers along the midway point of the front-stretch. With the laces tied tight, competitors went to work, breaking in the surface.
‘It’s pretty cool to have a meet at our place for the first time in 15 years,’ Lanesville’s Luke Walker said. ‘It’s great to have others come here and see our track. We get to look cool for once. Now we won’t always mooch off other teams’ tracks.’
Feet to surface, Lanesville coach Garrett Blackman said the track is to the team’s liking.
‘It’s not mondo, but it’s fibered rubber that overlaps. It won’t fall apart,’ Blackman said. ‘It’s super soft. I think tonight the conditions helped us. There aren’t many perfect days of 70 degrees, no wind and the fact the kids are feeling good.’
Lanesville’s pool of athletes on the boys’ side scored seven individual winners, including three from Riley Cook. The performances led to 72 points, leading rivals Austin (48 points) and South Central (20).
On the girls’ side Austin was the top team, snagging nine events for 65 points. South Central (28) was second, followed by the Lady Eagles (22).
Nearly all the running events were won by Lanesville’s boys. Greg Daly took care of things in the sprints, finishing ahead of South Central’s T.J. Boyd in the 100-meter (11.5 seconds) and 200 (24.1) dashes.
Winning rather comfortably in the middle distance events, Cook took hold of the 400 on the final turn, closing with a time of 54.3. In the 800, Cook (2:17.3) was a winner again.
South Central interrupted the distance triumphs to score in the 1,600. Dalton Terry completed the four circuits in 5:07.4 to hold off Cook for the win.
Lanesville, however, used a time of 11:15.9 in the 3,200 by Walker to claim the event. Teammate Jonathan Holsapple, along with Walker, pulled away from a pair of Austin runners to battle one another on the final two laps. Holsapple eventually placed second.
‘I felt I did really good,’ Walker said. ‘I was able to win the two-mile at the first home meet in a long time, which was awesome. Everyone else did really good, too. We had a lot of season best PRs. It was fun to race against Jonathan at the end. He did really good.’
Caleb Clifton won the 110 high hurdles for Lanesville, leaping over the new school-enscribed barriers in 17.03 seconds. He also took second in the 300 hurdles.
Cook and Clifton went first, second in the high jump. For his first of three wins, Cook cleared 6 feet.
‘Our boys’ team, I think we have a very good shot at competing for the (Southern Athletic Conference) title,’ Blackman said. ‘They looked phenomenal today. We had a ton of PRs. We have some kids we are going to move around (events) still, but the main thing is getting all the people out to see the track in action and get excited about the program. I think we accomplished it with the way we competed.’
In relays, Austin won all three in the boys’ races.
Lanesville picked up a team win on the girls’ side, taking the 3,200-meter relay in 14:48. Individually, Emily Blackman took the 1,600 by about 12 seconds, stopping the hand timer at 6:54.
Running in the 3,200, South Central’s Mary Cory took the longest race of the meet. The win came after a runner-up showing in the 1,600.
South Central had two additional individual champs in Miranda Kiper and Mallory Kuchenbrod. Kiper had a distance of 83 feet, 7 inches to take the discus. Kuchenbrod, who was second in the discus (78-2), was the run-away winner in the 800 with a time of 3:15.3. In the shot put, Kiper earned second place. Her best throw was 32-8.
The resurfacing of the track took place last year and was welcomed by the Lanesville track athletes this spring.
‘We had gravel last year and before that it was pavement,’ Blackman said of the surface. ‘This is the first meet Lanesville has hosted in 15 years. It’s a big deal to the kids.’
‘Last year, you couldn’t run five feet without something poking through your shoe,’ Walker added.
Blackman said the track’s location in Lanesville was the center of athletic action Thursday.
‘Today, baseball and (girls’) tennis was going on along with softball down the road,’ he said. ‘Everyone comes in and can see what we are doing in track. It gets the kids and community excited about the program. That’s what we are trying to do, build a program.’

Boys’ team scores: 1. Lanesville 72, 2. Austin 48, 3. South Central 20.
Boys’ individual results: High jump ‘ 1. Cook (L) 6-0, 2. Clifton (L); 3,200 relay ‘ 1. Austin 9:09, 2. Lanesville; 110 hurdles ‘ 1. Clifton (L) 17.03, 2. Hall (A); 100 ‘ 1. Daly (L) 11.5, 2. Boyd (SC); 1,600 ‘ 1. Dalton (SC) 5:07.4, 2. Cook (L); Shot put ‘ 1. Embry (A) 43-2.5, 2. Wilkin (L); 400 ‘ 1. Cook (L) 54.3, 2. Noah (L); 800 ‘ 1. Cook (L) 2:17.3, 2. Armonti (L); Discus ‘ 1. Couch (A) 126-4, 2. Gootee (L); 400 relay ‘ 1. Austin 51.07; 300 hurdles ‘ 1. Hall (A) 42.2, 2. Clifton (L); 200 ‘ 1. Daly (L) 24.1, 2. Boyd (SC); 3200 ‘ 1. Walker (L) 11:15.9, 2. Holsapple (L); 1600 ‘ 1. Austin 3:56.49, 2. South Central.
Girls’ team scores: 1. Austin 65, 2. South Central 28, 3. Lanesville 22.
Girls’ individual results: Shot put ‘ 1. Brandenburg (A) 32-8, 2. Kiper (SC); 3,200 relay ‘ 1. Lanesville 14:48; 100 ‘ 1. Thompson (A) 13.0, 2. Emily (A); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. Law (A) 1:01, 2. Liebert (SC); Discus ‘ 1. Kiper (SC) 83-7, 2. Kuchenbrod (SC); 100 hurdles ‘ 1. Law (A) 18.31, 2. Genieve (SC); 1,600 ‘ 1. Blackman (L) 6:54, 2. Cory (SC); 800 ‘ 1. Kuchenbrod (SC) 3:15.3, 2. Epperson (A); High jump ‘ 1. Draper (A) 4-10, 2. Brandenburg (A); 400 relay ‘ 1. Austin 55.47, 2. Lanesville; 400 ‘ 1. Weber (A) 1:20, 2. Devenger (A); 200 ‘ 1. Draper (A) 30.4, 2. Thompson (A); 3200 ‘ 1. Cory (SC); 1600 relay ‘ 1. Austin 5:41.4, 2. Lanesville.