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For Trump supporters, telling it like it is overrides basic morals

My Opinion
Taylor Ferguson, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is hailed by his supporters for telling it like it is ‘ the nucleus of his poisonous cyclone of a campaign ‘ even if it means throwing every last bit of integrity out the window.
When it comes to Trump’s supporters, there’s nothing The Donald could say that would make them recoil, object or even pause.
Trump could proclaim that all undocumented Mexican immigrants are drug dealers, criminals and rapists and his crowd of supporters would go wild. Further, he could inspire a father and son to beat up and urinate on a Hispanic homeless man then afterward respond to this act of racially induced violence by saying, ‘My followers are passionate,’ and his supporters would cry tears of joy.
Trump could belittle a disabled man at one of his rallies for ‘telling it like it is’ and basically proving that Trump had lied previously about the ‘so called’ thousands of Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks, but Trump’s supporters wouldn’t bat an eye. How dare someone else ‘tell it like it is,’ and, in this sense, I mean actually telling the truth, not just saying the crudest thing possible in order to score another headline.
Trump could tell a contestant on ‘The Apprentice’ that it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees, assert that Fox News anchor Meghan Kelly ‘must be on her period’ as a response to her tough questions about his attitude toward women and essentially cat-call his own daughter on ABC’s ‘The View’ when discussing her ‘nice figure,’ saying, ‘I’ve said, if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her,’ and his supporters would gleefully chant ‘Make America great again.’
Put into context, this all sounds absurd. The problem is, it’s already happened.
On some level, Trump’s appeal is understandable. White working people have been losing economic ground for years, and they’re angry. That’s to be expected. They are equally dispirited with their own party, which has repeatedly promised to slash taxes, reduce the deficit, reform health care and control immigration but has yet to do any of these things. Trump supporters are tired of being taken for granted. However, their lack of recognizing he’s easily preying on their support by appealing to lofty desires and prejudices rather than using rational argument is bizarre. The fact that Trump supporters cannot seem to fathom the fact they’re getting played by a fraud seeking only to build his power by scapegoating others on a regular basis is also unnerving.
All Trump truly cares about is himself, money, power and being on the tongues of others’ mouths as much as possible. In an interview with Playboy in March 1990 Trump said, ‘I know what sells, and I know what people want.’ Fast forward 26 years later and, whenever his numbers and TV coverage have threatened to drop, what has he done? He’s said something contentious to stay in contention. After all, he knows what sells and he knows what people want.
How about the fact that his presidential website says very little about his positions or policies but does boast that ”You’re Fired!’ is listed as the third greatest television catchphrase of all time? He is a reality TV star who gets off on being talked about. And his apparently blind supporters just keep chugging that hate-fueled Kool-Aid.
It doesn’t take a genius to determine Trump is not only a politically inexperienced fraud, but also a liar. However, by his supporters’ logic, since The Donald is no slave to political correctness, he must be trustworthy.
According to, Trump, during a Republican debate on Nov. 10, said he got to know Putin ‘very well’ while the two were on CBS’ ’60 Minutes.’ However, the two men were interviewed separately, in different countries thousands of miles apart. It was during the first Republican debate that Trump denied ever calling female adversaries ‘fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals’ on his Twitter account. Turns out when he was proved wrong, he defended the put-downs by saying, ‘It’s fun, it’s kidding,’ and the country had a problem with ‘being politically correct.’ Being politically correct? What does calling any mother, sister, wife or daughter a ‘fat pig’ have to do with politics? Was it just fun and kidding when Trump said, ‘Women: you have to treat them like (explicit),’ in New York Magazine in November 1992? And, by that standard, why does he feel the need to threaten to sue anybody who ever says or writes anything negative about him? Wouldn’t it be fun and kidding all the same, or is there a double standard there?
If Trump isn’t a liar, then he’s consistently wrong, both great qualities for a presidential candidate. The third apparently: promoting violence.
On NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ Trump defended the supporter who punched a young protester in the face in North Carolina earlier this month and who said afterward that maybe he’d have to ‘kill him’ next time by saying, ‘He obviously loves this country and maybe he doesn’t like seeing what’s happening to the country,’ similar to the manner with which he ‘disavowed’ the Ku Klux Klan.
After weekends of violence at his rallies, Trump stands behind a barrier of security, stirs up racially charged viciousness and attacks and then talks about how it symbolizes ‘love’ from people who want to see a better America. ‘Look at how well we handled those confrontations,’ he says, ‘because no one got hurt.’
The editorial board of The New York Times summed it up perfectly: ‘Mr. Trump’s calls to violence are the sickest part of the con that is his presidential campaign. Yes, some people who attend his rallies are bigots; others are simply upset with a nation, or a life, that’s dealt them a bad hand.
‘But Mr. Trump … has not a single solid, truthful idea about how to address the roots of this seething anger. He is basking in the energy created by turning one American against another, hoping hatred will propel him to the Republican nomination.’
Trump’s supporters who admit he might be inflammatory but say he doesn’t mean it are also delusional and a huge part of the problem because they think he’ll magically begin to moderate his message in a general election.
I don’t know how many calls we have received this year asking voters to look carefully at their candidates, making sure to check their morals, stating we need an honest, Christian person. Your chance to vote in the primary is less than six weeks away.
Put your big-boy and big-girl pants on, pull your morals back out from that deeply buried spot you put them last June and have the courage to fight the good fight. Tell the truth. Don’t judge. Respect others. Be accountable. Have humility.
These are the basic human standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable. Donald Trump is not acceptable, and you know it.