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Hubert granted early release

Former Corydon Central Junior-Senior High School teacher Kellen Hubert was released Thursday afternoon from Harrison County Jail after Harrison Superior Judge Joseph (Joe) Claypool modified his sentence, reducing it by a little more than a month.
Hubert had been incarcerated at the New Castle Correctional Facility.
In May, Hubert entered a blind plea of guilty to Level 5 felony child seduction after inappropriate sexual contact with a consenting 16-year-old student in the concession stand area of the junior high school. Though the age of consent in Indiana is 16, an exception to that is when someone has power over the younger person, such as a teacher or an administrator or in another role as part of their employment.
In July 2015, Hubert was sentenced to 25 months, with one year and one month suspended and one year to serve.
Harrison County Prosecutor J. Otto Schalk said he opposed the sentence modification and warned the court that modifying a sex-offender sentence to an early release was unprecedented in recent memory and could open a floodgate of sex offenders seeking modifications in the future.
‘Why is Mr. Hubert different from the next one?’ Schalk asked the judge.
Claypool said he didn’t want to ‘open a floodgate’ of sentence modification requests, but each case should be looked at individually.
Hubert was required to complete a Sex Offender Management and Monitoring course while at the correctional facility, and he said the group therapy session helped him come to terms with what he had done.
Hubert said it was rough at first, but the sessions ended up becoming empowering for him.
‘It helped me analyze and try to identify things … problems in the past,’ he said through tears.
Hubert said the class taught him to take ownership of what he did, explore what may have caused it and prepare a relapse prevention plan in case such circumstances arise again.
Hubert said his plan was approved, something that had to be done before he could pass the 75-hour minimum course.
‘I thought a lot about what I did,’ he said. ‘There’s no good justification for it.’
Hubert said he’s learned to not be defined by the people around him.
Hubert’s attorney, Mike Summers, asked what he would say to the teenage girl if she was present that day.
‘That I’m sorry … There’s very little I’m not regretful of,’ he said. ‘I hurt so many people. My family suffered probably more than I have. There’s so many people in the community that I’ve abused their trust. I’m forever sorry.’
Hubert, who is married, taught social studies at CCJHS, was an assistant football coach at Corydon Central High School, was the athletic director and boys’ track coach for the junior high school and was a high school journalism teacher, as needed. He was hired by the South Harrison Community School Corp. in August 2009.
Hubert said he would be interested in individualized therapy in the future.
As long as the proper probation steps are followed, Hubert plans to join his wife in Florida.
Claypool reiterated there can be no contact with the victim.
‘I have no desire whatsoever to contact anyone from that past life,’ Hubert said.
Hubert will be on probation for 14 months and will be registered as a sex offender for 10 years.