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Corydon, N. Harrison lifters compete at South Spencer

Athletes from Corydon Central and North Harrison high schools descended upon the annual Southern Indiana Bench and Squat Championships, hosted by South Spencer High School in Rockport on March 5.
The team competition featured teams from across Southern Indiana. North Harrison came away the champions in the Freshman/Sophomore Division and were runners-up in the Junior/Senior Division. Corydon Central’s Junior/Senior team placed third.
North Harrison featured three first-place finishers among the Junior-Senior group. In the 200-pound weight class, Evan Goodman came in first with a total of 800 pounds of weight lifted. Austin Nevil, competing at 215, won his class with a total of 750 pounds. Rounding out the winners from North Harrison, Sam Best lifted 895 pounds to pace those 216-and-up.
Corydon Central came away with four top finishers.
In the Junior/Senior competition, Sam Nance won at 155 (590 pounds) while Wade Thomas was the best at 185 (725 pounds).
Competing among Freshmen/Sophomores, Zach Wiley took the 215 top honors lifting 605 pounds while Braydon Weather cleared the most weight (645) at 185.
The Panthers had one additional competitor place, Cameron Ayres, who placed third in 216-and-up, lifting 820.
North Harrison saw 16 lifters place alongside the trio of top placers.
Among the Junior/Senior finishers for North Harrison were (weight class in parenthesis) MaKaila Bruner (135), second place, 305 pounds; Eldon Engleman (155), second place, 495 pounds; Dylan Dukes (145), second place, 510 pounds; and Lowell Bezy (175), third place, 513 pounds.
Top North Harrison finishers in the Freshman/Sophomore Division were Tate Griffin (200), second place, 630 pounds; Austin Chadwick (175), second place, 620 pounds; Garrett Gunter (155), second place, 450 pounds; Drew Kuerzi (145), second place, 470 pounds; Brett Rudolph (215), third place, 585 pounds; Josh Kemp (200), third place, 615 pounds; Jacob Godsey (216-up), fourth place, 680 pounds; Blake Schikel (125), fourth place, 365 pounds; Jack Gott (215), fourth place, 570 pounds; Josh Craig (185), fifth place, 560 pounds; Logan Senn (145), fifth place, 439 pounds; and Avery Blocker (200), fifth place, 655 pounds.