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RSD highlights decade of work

The Harrison County Regional Sewer District board recently updated the Corydon Rotary Club about what exactly the district does and all of its accomplishments in its approximate 10-year history.
District board consultant Bob Woosley, of Heritage Engineering, and other board members, plan to present the same overview to county officials in the near future.
The mission statement of the board ‘ which was established in 2005 by order from the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management ‘ is to reduce pollution, promote public health and safety and support residential, commercial and industrial development in Harrison County by providing for the collection, treatment and safe disposal of wastewater. The RSD may construct and operate sanitary sewer systems or contract with other entities as needed to reduce failing or inadequate systems.
In 2007, the district contracted with the Town of Corydon to take flow from the Harrison County Hospital medical campus.
A year later, it completed the Indian Creek watershed comprehensive study and the district took over the Berkshire Wastewater Treatment Plant east of New Salisbury.
In the past couple of years, the district completed sanitary sewer projects at the New Salisbury intersection area and the Lanesville Interstate 64 interchange area.
The district works alongside the Town of Lanesville with the interchange project and Corydon with service to the medical campus.
On the stormwater side, other than the Indian Creek watershed project, the district completed two demonstration projects at area schools, one at Lanesville and the other at South Central.
‘We’ve done a lot over the course of our history,’ Woosley said last Wednesday morning at the board’s regular meeting.
Board member Bill Byrd, a Milltown resident, said he’s proud to be a member of the Harrison County sewer board.
The stormwater mission statement is: to reduce the threat of pollution, erosion and flooding by establishing requirements, standards and regulations for managing the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff entering Harrison County’s watersheds. The RSD may construct drainage improvement facilities as needed. Specific plans will be developed for managing the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff on an individual watershed basis.
As for the future, the county provided funding for the district to complete a comprehensive plan for the district moving forward. The last such plan was compiled in 2003.
‘Where are our areas of growth, where do we need to be that we’re not,’ Woosley said will be main focuses of the plan.
In other business last Wednesday morning, the board learned one of its lift-station motors on the former Child Craft property south of New Salisbury lost about 1/3 of its life with a power outage last month.
‘It’s a brand-new lift station out there; this should not have happened,’ operator Steve Tolliver, of Aqua Utilities, said.
Tolliver said he’ll meet with Harrison REMC officials to discuss the issue.
‘They’re a good group of people to work with,’ he said of REMC.
The board unanimously agreed to waive the tap-on fee for the planned Dollar General store in New Salisbury (between Schmidt Cabinet Co. and the Village Inn).
The board discussed possible issues with flooding at what was formerly a swamp area. Woosley said Dollar General will push the flow behind the store toward the former golf course property, and it also will add storm piping to the district’s lift station.
Board president Tom Tucker informed the board the former New Salisbury Golf Course property is for sale and the general consensus is it will be subdivided and could potentially lead to customers for the district.
The district board’s next meeting will be Wednesday, March 16, at 8:30 a.m. at the Harrison County Community Foundation building in Corydon.