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Blue River Township firehouse bids opened

The Blue River Township Advisory Board and trustee Michael Beyerle, for the second time, opened bids for the Blue River firehouse last Wednesday at the Frenchtown Community Center in Depauw.
Last November, the group opened three bids for the project, but all were thrown out because they came in too high (around $400,000).
This time ‘ after cutting out a mezzanine area, full kitchen and bathroom from the specs ‘ the bids were much more reasonable and competitive.
John Hawkins of Kovert Hawkins Architects is the project architect.
The low bid of eight was compiled by Latco-Selby House (Latco Construction) at $238,929.
Other bidders were Temple Construction ($253,600), Jasper Lumber ($259,020), J&J Home Improvements ($275,000), Lindsey Lumber ($304,504), Orange Construction ($321,000), Upton Fry ($326,000) and C&R Construction ($327,000).
Latco Construction’s bid also included the lowest completion time, 90 days.
The entire project cost, including $38,480 already spent by the township, totals $313,659.
The Harrison County Council will vote to approve $150,000 out of riverboat gaming funds, as part of the county’s ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with the fire chief’s association, at its next meeting, Monday, March 14, at 7 p.m.
The township will pay for the remaining costs.
Beyerle said the facility, which will be located along Totten Ford Road in the Hancock Chapel area, could also be used as a voting location for Blue River Township residents.
Beyerle said the site is ready ‘to stick posts in the ground’ and work will start as soon as the $150,000 is approved.