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NH increases substitutes’ pay

For the first time in nearly 15 years, the North Harrison Community School Corp. Board of Trustees moved to increase pay for substitute teachers. The action took place at the board’s regular meeting on Dec. 10.
Beginning Jan. 4, substitutes will be paid a minimum of $84.55 per day, for someone with no teaching degree, and $100.05 per day for a retired teacher.
A substitute with a four-year degree will be paid $92.30 per day.
The previous pay rate was $60 a day for someone without a teaching degree, $65 for a four-year degree and $80 for a retired teacher.
Substitutes will no longer be linked to the beginning pay for a teaching assistant.
Pay will be set by the board of trustees with the exception of the retired teachers’ pay.
‘I was told by a couple folks who worked for the school about the sub pay being $60 and that a teacher’s aide made more money working less hours,’ board member Gary Byrne said of his motivation to support the increase. ‘I talked to (Supt. D. John) Thomas about the issue a week or two before the board meeting … I asked if he would come up with a solution and would support an increase implemented as soon as possible.’
Byrne said the school recently sent out an email soliciting substitute teachers and were having a hard time finding people to do it.
‘It has to be a plus for subs to make $25 to $27 more,’ he said.
Byrne also said, earlier this year, non-certified employees received a dollar-per-hour raise. Previously, non-certified employees would receive the same percentage raises as teachers.
‘If the teachers negotiated a 2-percent raise, then the non-certified would get the same,’ he said. ‘That would be around 20 cents.’
Byrne said most of these non-certified employees work less than 30 hours because of qualifications with the Affordable Health Care Act.
The next school board meeting will be Thursday, Jan. 14, at 7 p.m.