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Staff provides ‘miracle’ for Boys & Girls club employee

Staff provides ‘miracle’ for Boys & Girls club employee
Staff provides ‘miracle’ for Boys & Girls club employee
The Crandall home of Bonnie Stillwell has become uninhabitable with a leaking roof and no running water. Submitted photo

The Christmas spirit is alive and well and can be seen throughout the community with various fundraisers, toy drives, angel trees, church and school functions.
But Christmas spirit isn’t the only reason one Crandall resident is receiving miracle after miracle after miracle, as she said.
No, the reason she’s going to have a warm, safe place to live this winter is because of the caring and generous nature Boys & Girls Club of Harrison-Crawford Counties executive director Kim Grizzel and all of the employees at the Corydon site, according to Bonnie Stillwell, who began working as a janitor at the club nearly two months ago.
When club employees found out about the way she was living, in an inadequate home with not much left of a roof, they decided to do what they could to help her.
Now, with the help of the community, Stillwell should soon have a double-wide mobile home to stay in, free of charge.
Grizzel said they found a great deal on the double-wide, with the owners willing to sell it for $5,500 for Stillwell.
‘We will need help tearing down her old house, moving and setting up her new home, and, of course, we need the rest of the money to purchase the double-wide,’ Grizzel said on ‘Miss Bonnie’s new home’ page on
So far, counting the donations and others, they’ve reached more than half of the estimated $10,000 needed.
Stillwell, while taking a break from cleaning the kitchen area at the club Monday morning, said Grizzel and a couple of her friends were at her home Sunday digging in the yard to check the septic system.
‘She had been gone all week in Indianapolis; her back hurt,’ Stillwell said of Grizzel. ‘It’s just unreal.’
The home has been in Stillwell’s family for multiple generations, but she has lived there alone since her sister died about six years ago. She’s been a widow for more than 30 years and hasn’t been able to keep up the home by herself. She’s had no working water for more than four years and uses water from a nearby creek.
Stillwell, 76, has worked at a number of places in her life but never anywhere like the Boys & Girls Club.
‘You could travel the world over and not find people as cohesive and caring,’ she said of the staff.
Stillwell said that caring attitude and family atmosphere is great for the youth who attend because they may not get that at home.
‘They’ll take that and become good citizens in the community,’ she said.
For more information about items or services needed for Stillwell, call the Boys & Girls Club at 812-738-1696.
‘Miss Bonnie is the sweetest, most humble person I know,’ Grizzel said. ‘She has lived a very interesting and fulfilling life and has touched the lives of many.’
To donate, visit and search ‘Miss Bonnie’s new home.’