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Georgetown wants back in riverboat sharing

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners received a request Monday morning from Gary Smith, Georgetown Town Council president, to again receive riverboat sharing revenue from the county to help fix the town’s crumbling infrastructure.
Smith said retaining walls in the town are leaning toward S.R. 64 and the sidewalks are hardly walkable.
‘We’d love to be able to fix that for them,’ Smith said of the residents of Georgetown.
He said the waterlines in the town are 50 to 60 years old and are leaking everywhere.
He said Georgetown previously received riverboat money 12 years ago.
‘But through the fault of the town council, we lost it,’ Smith said.
Smith said the town councilmembers at the time failed to report to Harrison County the manner in which the town was spending the riverboat money.
‘We will do that,’ he said. ‘We can show you where the money is going.’
Commissioner Kenny Saulman said the current revenue-sharing agreement will not be up for renewal until July 1.
Between now and then, he said, the board will discuss the matter and get back to Smith.
Georgetown also is required to begin the process of upgrading its sewage treatment plant, which will become a regional facility and handle all of the flow west of Floyd Central High School in Floyd County.
Commissioner George Ethridge asked if Floyd County plans to help with the plant enhancement.
‘They’re kind of in a tough spot financially as well,’ Georgetown engineer Bob Woosley said.
In other business, Dwayne Sieg, O’Bannon Woods State Park property manager, presented the commissioners with a check of $79,200, which is a portion of the timber sales for the year.
The commissioners moved to allot $4,950.12 (the maximum amount allowed) to each of the eight fire departments in Harrison County (Boone Township, Elizabeth, Harrison Township, Heth Township, Lanesville, New Middletown, Palmyra and Ramsey). The remainder of the funding can be used at the county’s discretion.
Mark Shireman, of James L. Shireman Construction, updated the board about the progress with the highway garage project along Old S.R. 135 near Shiloh Road south of Corydon. He said the salt building and wash bay are essentially complete.
‘We beat the snow this year,’ Ethridge said.
The main garage facility should be complete by late March or early April, depending on weather, Shireman said.
The project is on target, budget-wise.
‘You’ve made a lot of cost-saving moves to try to keep this in budget,’ Saulman said of Shireman Construction.
Shireman said they have a great team around them.
Ethridge called the facility impressive.
‘I told my guys (District 2 employees) that, if you don’t think we think anything of you, just look around,’ Saulman said of the new garage facilities.
County planner Eric Wise presented a zone change to the board from agricultural to business, across from the Thriftway grocery store in New Salisbury, between Schmidt Cabinet Co. and the Village Inn.
Wise said a Dollar General store is planned for the site.
Finally, after a lengthy discussion, the board passed an additional appropriation on to the county council of $1,000 for a grant writer for the Alice Dean project, presented by Clarence Merk Jr.
The commissioners’ next meeting will be Monday, Dec. 21, at 7 p.m. at the Government Center in south Corydon.
IACC names Russel Engineer of the Year
Harrison County Engineer Kevin Russel was named County Engineer of the Year by the Indiana Association of County Commissioners last week.
‘It’s really nice to be recognized by your bosses and your peers,’ Russel said Monday at the Harrison County Board of Commissioners meeting. ‘It was a tremendous surprise.’
Russel was previously named county engineer of the year by the Indiana Association of County Engineers and Supervisors.
Russel is the Indiana State Director for the National Association of County Engineers and serves as an Indiana Dept. of Transportation representative for Indiana LTAP (Local Technical Assistance Program).