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RSD’s oil/water separator cleaned out

The Harrison County Regional Sewer District board received an update last Wednesday morning on its oil/water separator located at the main parking lot at Lanesville Junior-Senior High School.
Rob Huckaby, consultant with Stantec, was on hand when the tank was cleaned out and procured three samples from different areas of the tank to show what it was collecting and how it was performing.
The stormwater demonstration project collects and traps unwanted pollutants from the parking lot before it flows into the nearby creek.
Students are able to view before and after samples of the runoff.
‘We’re intercepting a lot of junk from getting in the creek,’ Huckaby told the board, who initiated the project that was funded by the county. ‘Hopefully, it’s one of those things that makes people stop and think.’
Huckaby said the catch basin only covers about half of the parking lot’s runoff. He hopes to have the basin cleaned on a yearly basis from now on.
In other business, the board plans to modify a lift station near Schmidt Cabinet Co. in New Salisbury to keep it from having issues during a flash flood.
District consultant Bob Woosley, of Heritage Engineering, said they’ll do so once they get word on a potential buyer of the property between Schmidt’s and the Village Inn. A preliminary plat has been a established so far, he said.
The board also received an inquiry of potential service in the former Specialty Products Co. facility south of the intersection of state roads 135 and 64 in New Salisbury.
The board’s next meeting will be Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 8:30 a.m.
President Tom Tucker said they need to begin preparing to elect officers for the new year. Gary Davis is treasurer.
The county commissioners’ appointment, currently held by Commissioner Jim Klinstiver, will be up Dec. 31.
The board of health’s appointment, Tony Combs, is also up at the end of the year. And, the three yearly appointments for the towns represented on the board also will need to be renewed. Currently those seats are held by John D. Kintner, Corydon; Rusty Sizemore and Herb Schneider, Lanesville; and Bill Byrd, Milltown.
Only one town representative has voting power on the board.