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Voters, though few, cast ballots

Voters, though few, cast ballots
Voters, though few, cast ballots
Deputy Clerk Sherry Brown receives election results from the final town to arrive Tuesday night, Palmyra, as Harrison County Election Board members Maryland Austin and Gordon Ingle (background) observe. Photo by Ross Schulz

After the ballots were counted in town elections last night in Palmyra, Corydon, Lanesville and New Amsterdam, one race in Corydon was too close to call with provisional ballots and straight ticket issues.
In Palmyra, a two-term councilman and long-time politician was ousted and two political newcomers were voted in.
And voters in the small southwestern Harrison County river town of New Amsterdam may have accomplished something no other town in the state can claim.
The Palmyra Town Council will have two new board members ‘ Democrat Kerry W. Ingle and Independent Mike Shireman ‘ beginning Jan. 1, after incumbent Alvin M. Brown, an Independent, was defeated. Brown finished in fourth place with 64 votes.
Independent Virginia L. Kirkham, also an incumbent, was re-elected to another four-year term.
The third incumbent, Paul Eveslage, did not seek re-election.
Shireman led the ballot with 170 votes. Ingle followed with 163 votes and Kirkham totaled 119.
Others on the ballot for town council were Stephen W. Hamm (62), Roy McClanahan (54) and Michael Sinclair (45).
The clerk-treasurer position was won by Independent Debra L. Jones 153 to 60 over Jesse R. Hall, also an Independent.
Palmyra had 659 registered voters.
Brown and Hamm had issues Tuesday morning trying to vote, as both were used by the Harrison County Election Board as examples to test the voting machines and were marked as voting absentee. Both candidates were eventually able to vote, with Hamm electing to cast a provisional ballot while Brown waited until the absentee ballots were turned in (and it was evident he did not, in fact, already vote) and then voted.
The three contested races for the Corydon Town Council were fairly close, with only one incumbent, Judy L. Kennedy, an Independent, unable to hold on to her Ward 5 seat.
Her challenger, political newcomer Chris Mattingly, received 136 votes to Kennedy’s 121 votes.
Kennedy was first elected to the board in 1991 when Floyd Byerly, retired from the council.
The real squeaker was Ward 3, which pitted Independent incumbent Mark L. Parks against newcomer Sean R. Davis. Parks received 133 votes to Davis’ 130 votes. Harrison County Deputy Clerk Sherry Brown said there are two provisional ballots.
The Harrison County Election Board will have to re-canvas straight ticket ballots because of a previously discovered glitch. If a voter cast a straight ticket ballot then voted for an independent or opposite party candidate in an at-large race, the straight ticket would be thrown out. Seven Republican straight ticket votes were cast and 10 Democrats ones were received. The election board also will open two provisional ballots Friday, Nov. 13, at noon.
In Ward 3, John D. Kintner, who has been on the council 8-1/2 years and succeeded Fred Cammack as board president and town manager when the unofficial ‘mayor’ resigned those positions in late January, beat out his challenger, Republican Susan (Mac) McGuffey, 143 to 125.
Cammack, an Independent who chose not to seek an unprecedented 11th term, will be succeeded by Eva Lois North, who was unopposed for the Ward 1 seat.
Independent Roger L. McGraw, who represents Ward 2, also was uncontested and will serve another four-year term.
The clerk-treasurer, Independent Treggie Miller King, was elected to another term. She also was unopposed.
Of the 1,982 registered voters, only 14 percent went to the polls.
In Lanesville, all three of the current council members ‘ Republican Herb Schneider, who serves as the council president, Independent Linda L. Smith, the former clerk-treasurer for the town who switched roles with Democrat Betsy Blocker, and Independent Julie Anne Wolfe, who joined the board early this year to succeed Independent Bill Lafayette, who resigned due to his work schedule ‘ retained their seats.
Wolfe received 64 votes, Schneider 63 and Smith 61. The fourth candidate, Lafayette, had 24 votes.
Blocker, who was uncontested, will serve a four-year term as clerk-treasurer.
The town has 475 registered voters, but it was learned during voting hours that a few more residents ‘ Sherry Brown estimated five ‘ who were eligible to vote were not on the poll book. They were allowed to vote, she said, by provisional ballot.
The returns showed a 17-percent voter turnout.
New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam appeared to have 100 percent participation. The poll book showed 15 registered voters, but Sherry Brown said one resident had moved away prior to yesterday but that information wasn’t confirmed prior to the election (a poll worker from the town also said the 15th voter in questioned had moved).
‘We’re hoping they’re the only one in the state (to have 100 percent participation),’ Brown said.
Incumbent Republicans Regina F. Glass and Lee McCullum retained their seats, with 10 votes each. Political newcomer Patrick Thompson, also a Republican, also received 10 votes.
Charles (Andy) Shaffer, who served on the council for 15-plus years, was defeated. He had four votes.
Republican Melissa D. Shaffer, the incumbent clerk-treasurer, was unopposed. She will serve another four-year term.
In Milltown, which is split by Blue River, with half the town in Harrison County and the other half in Crawford, saw Independent incumbent Curt Hudson lose his seat; he received 58 votes. The other two incumbents, Jerry (Monty) Garrett and Anna Jean (Jeanie) Melton, both Republicans, were re-elected with 65 votes and 70 votes, respectively. Jerry Mackey led the ballot with 94 votes.
Clerk-Treasurer Jennifer (Shelby) Young, who is completing Susan Mills’ term, was elected to a four-year term.
The voters in Marengo elected Republican Jerry Lynn Hanger Jr. (75 votes), Democrat Eddie Joe Wetzel (66 votes) and Republican Michael Haverstock (62 votes) to four-year terms.
Other council candidates were Democrat Glen H. (Glenie) Laws (43 votes), Republican James R. Spadie (25 votes) and Democrat Shawn M. Mills (15 votes).
Democrat Tony Jones was uncontested for the clerk-treasurer position.