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Town square work nears completion

The Corydon Capitol State Historic Site is scheduled to wrap up its recent construction and repairs by this fall in preparation for Indiana’s bicentennial celebration in 2016. The extensive construction, started in mid-2014, includes repairs and rehabilitation to the Capitol Building, Hendricks House, Capitol Square grounds and the Constitution Elm monument.
‘Things are really coming together. We’ve been dealing with these repairs for over a year now, and it’s exciting to see the fruits of all the labor,’ Bec Riley, State Historic Site manager, said. ‘There’s a lot going on and we know it’s inconvenient, but we are getting so much done.’
Most of the repairs and renovations could not begin until the drainage of the square was repaired and updated. Those repairs are scheduled to be done by Oct. 1 with the landscaping of the square to follow on Oct. 15. The gutters on the Capitol Building are out to bid but scheduled to be repaired by Nov. 15. There also are plans for some interior plaster work to be done as well as rehab or replacement of the shutters on the Capitol Building.
Construction on the Constitution Elm monument is scheduled to start Oct. 1. The 84-day contract, taken with Indianapolis-based Wells Masonry Restoration Inc., includes replacement of the roof, repointing masonry, iron-work rehabilitation and leveling and pointing the floor, curbs and stairs. A fence will go up, along with a temporary cover to protect the Elm during work. The cover will be removed on weekends to allow visitors to view the progress.
Other repairs scheduled for completion before 2016 include the exterior and interior painting of the Hendricks House. If weather permits, the roof and chimney will be replaced as well.
‘This place is important to Corydon and to the history of Indiana,’ Riley said. ‘We are celebrating 200 years of Indiana in 2016. I’m very happy to say the Corydon Capitol State Historic Site will be ready for celebration.’
The Corydon Capitol State Historic Site is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m.