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‘Skimming’ devices removed from 2 gas stations

A man is being held for questioning at the Harrison County Jail after allegedly being involved in credit- and debit-card skimming at local gas stations.
Harrison County Sheriff Rodney (Rod) Seelye said that early Saturday morning Deputy Jason Harrell was driving past a north Corydon gas station that was closed and noticed a van sitting at a pump. Further investigation showed that Jonathan Joel Gutierrez of Louisville was tinkering with a pump in an effort to take out or install a device that saves debit and credit card information, which is then used to rack up fraudulent charges at gas stations and merchants elsewhere. Another skimming device was located at and removed from a different gas station in west Corydon.
Seelye said the devices can be located either outside the pump where the card is scanned or inside the pump so it’s impossible to be seen without gaining access to the internal components of the pump.
Detective Nick Smith said the problem isn’t isolated to Corydon or Harrison County and is actually a nationwide problem, which is why the Secret Service as well as other neighboring law enforcement agencies are working together to combat the issue. Recently, skimmers were located at a gas station in Scottsburg.
Smith said county residents should check their bank statements and credit card accounts to see if any fraudulent charges have been made to their accounts. If any are located, the person’s financial institution should be contacted. He said there’s no telling how many cards may have been compromised while the devices were on the pumps.
‘The owners of the two gas stations involved are cooperating and assisting with police to help protect the patrons of this county who are purchasing at the pump,’ Smith said. ‘But, we also want people to be aware that anytime a credit card or a debit card is used there is a chance their card information can be illegally obtained and compromised. It’s always more safe to use cash or use a card inside the fueling station or elsewhere.’
Smith said Gutierrez is facing preliminary felony charges of attempted forgery, fraud, fraud on a financial institution and a misdemeanor charge of computer trespass.