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Capelle wins 300 hurdles; Oliver’s last discus throw earns state bid

Capelle wins 300 hurdles; Oliver’s last discus throw earns state bid
Capelle wins 300 hurdles; Oliver’s last discus throw earns state bid
Corydon Central's Sydney Capelle gets to the finish line first to win the 300-meter hurdles at the Evansville Central Regional meet in a fast time of 46.76 seconds. Photo by Wade Bell

The Floyd Central Lady Highlanders track and field team had a solid night last Tuesday at the Evansville Central girls’ track regional, placing second in the team standings behind regional champion Evansville Reitz Memorial.
Meanwhile, Corydon Central’s Sidney Capelle and Ashley Oliver grabbed state berths for the Lady Panthers while North Harrison’s Ashton Bosler just missed going back to the Indiana University track in Bloomington for the state finals.
Oliver’s trip to Bloomington came close to not happening in the discus throw. After qualifying for the final, Oliver scratched on her first two throws in the final. Her third attempt was the one she was looking for, hitting 116 feet, 4 inches, good enough for second place.
‘I was sitting in fourth or fifth place, and I scratched my first two throws in the finals,’ Oliver said. ‘I kept telling myself, ‘You’ve got to get across the ring and just chuck one out there’.’
‘Last year I tore my ACL, and it was right before track sectionals,’ she said. ‘I missed that. I was throwing really well too. It was really a double-downer.’
Oliver said she will use this year’s state finals to learn then set her sights on being more competitive next year.
‘I’m just excited for the experience,’ said the Corydon Central junior. ‘I probably won’t do great, but next year I know is when I can be competitive. This year I’m just ready to get there and practice in that ring and then go back. This next week of practice I’m going to hit it hard.’
Floyd Central scored in just two of the five field events. Madison Kaiser was seventh in the discus with a distance of 109-11. Kaiser suffered a disaster in the shot put, scratching on all three attempts in the preliminaries to end her day; the Floyd Central senior left the field in tears. In the pole, it was a different story as Rylie Smith scored a state final berth with third place at a height of 9-6.
In the first of the running events, the Lady Highlanders scored in the 3,200-meter relay but missed the state final mark, finishing fifth in 10:09.42. Corydon Central was 12th (10:49.76), and North Harrison was 13th (11:16.00).
In the 100 hurdles, Capelle and Crawford County’s Brooklyn Matlock were shut out of the final. Matlock had a good run going in her heat until the sixth hurdle when a misstep forced her to change legs. From there, the Crawford County senior fell out of contention.
‘It felt good until that hurdle, and then my steps were messed up,’ Matlock said. ‘I’m just glad to be here.’
Capelle has been struggling in the 100s this year and wanted to save most of her energy later for the 300-hurdle event. The Corydon Central junior said the Evansville area competition was stronger than a lot of people gave it credit.
‘People underestimate this one, I think,’ Capelle said. ‘This one is a little bit easier than our last regional (at Bloomington), but it’s still going to be a tough (300) race.’
Kaiser finished eighth in the final of the hurdles with a time of 17.56. The Floyd Central senior said she was just happy to be running.
In the first distance event, Floyd Central freshman Kyley Sorg found herself in a battle for one of the second and third spots in the 1,600, while Evansville Memorial’s Presley Warren ran away from the field. Sorg’s toughest competition came from Heritage Hill’s Sienna Crews through the four laps. Warren went on to win in 5:17.02, while Crews charged into second (5:22.00). Sorg finished third in a time of 5:22.41.
In the first heat of the 400 dash, Floyd Central’s Carmen Cox came across the finish line first in a time of 1:01.51 with teammate Ally Ragan in the second spot at 1:02.44. The times were good enough to score but missed the state meet spot, Cox sixth and Ragan seventh after the times were tallied.
‘I’m not going to state or anything, so I wanted to do something different and pick it up at the 200 and see if I could get a PR,’ Cox said. ‘I died about the last 10 or 20 meters, but it was awesome.
Corydon Central’s Capelle had a simple plan going into the 300-meter hurdles event: attack the hurdles with everything she had. Capelle did just that when the gun sounded, already making up some of the stagger by the first hurdle. When she made the turn, she was five to six steps ahead of the field. She lost some ground near the finish but held to win in a time of 46.76 seconds with New Albany’s Ucheoma Eze second in 47.55. Floyd Central’s Corinne Cox was fifth in 48.37, and Perry Central’s Amber Lindauer scored in sixth at 48.70.
‘It was only the very last hurdle I didn’t attack very well, but I finished,’ Capelle said. ‘My first few hurdles felt a lot better today.’
‘I don’t know how I’m going to be seeded or anything yet, but I’ll try my best,’ she said of the state meet. ‘My goal is to be on the Indiana state track and field team by my senior year. I still have another year, but it’s a goal.’
In the 800, it was a battle royal between Heritage Hills’ Crews, Providence’s Bayley Wade, Floyd Central’s Faith Barba and Corydon Central’s Hannah Marshall going through the first lap. On the second lap, Crews and Barba took over the front two spots. In the last 100 meters, Crews pulled ahead and Wade moved up to second. Crews won in a time of 2:16.69 with Wade at 2:20.65. Barba held on to the last state berth in 2:22.18 at third. Marshall was fourth for the Lady Panthers in 2:23.37.
‘I just went for it,’ Barba said of the last lap battle. ‘I could hear them coming, and I just tried to push and push. It is what it is, and I’m happy. This is all the hard work I’ve been putting in from cross country till the last practice. This is what matters. It’s just advancing. I have great competition.’
In the 200, New Albany’s Chyna Anthony was less than a half-second short of winning, finishing second (27.01) behind Southridge’s Aubrey Main, who won in a time of 26.61.
Presley Warren had won the 1,600 with ease but had a little more to think about in the 3,200 run as Floyd Central’s Kassidy Manning added pressure through the first six laps. Warren finally pulled away on the last two laps going on to win in a time of 11:17.01, while Manning finished second in 11:23.14. Jasper’s Hannah Welsh was third in 11:27.31.
‘She’s really fast and that’s well-known,’ Manning said of Warren. ‘I honestly didn’t think I could catch her, but I know that it’s place that matters and, as long as I was in the top three, that would be OK… I just wanted to run and I wanted to advance to state. It just depended on state today.’
North Harrison senior Ashton Bosler was sixth going into the last lap of the race but made a charge to finish fourth in a time of 11:39.22. The race ended Bosler’s season and high school career as her time fell short of qualifying for the state final.
‘I just thought I can’t let this be my last race to represent North Harrison,’ Bosler said. ‘It’s been my whole life, feels like it’s been my whole life. I do have a life other than running. I didn’t want it to be my last race, so I fought as hard as I could like I do every meet but with some extra motivation today, for that last lap especially, just to go on grit for me since I haven’t trained as much as I usually would.’
‘I’m not bummed,’ the North Harrison senior said. ‘That’s a season best for me. I can’t be too bummed. That’s a season best by about 22 or 23 seconds.’
Disaster struck the Lady Highlanders in the final race of the day in the 1,600 relay. Floyd Central stayed within striking distance of Evansville Memorial through the third leg, with Corinne Cox only a few steps behind as she came up for the final hand-off.
As Corinne Cox got to the finish line, she stumbled as she began the pass-off to anchor Carmen Cox. The baton got loose from the pair and bounced to the track and three lanes over. Carmen Cox ran over to grab the baton and get back in the race. The Floyd Central sophomore closed on Heritage Hills but finished fifth in a time of 4:09.45.
Girls’ team scores ‘ 1. Evansville Reitz Memorial 96, 2. Floyd Central 45.5, 3. Castle 44, 4. Heritage Hills 41, 5. Evansville Bosse 40, 6. New Albany 34.5, 7, Southridge 34, 8t. Evansville Central 31, 8t. Evansville North 31, 10. Jasper 29, 11. Evansville Harrison 24, 12. Corydon 23, 13. Gibson Southern 19, 14t. Forest Park 15, 14t. Providence 15, 16. Mt. Vernon 12, 17t. Booneville 11, 17t. Vincennes Lincoln 11, 19. Perry Central 9, 20t. Washington 8, 20t. Wood Memorial 8, 22. South Knox 7, 23t. Tell City 6, 23t. Vincennes Rivet 6, 25. North Harrison 5, 26t. Barr-Reeve 4, 26t. Evansville F.J. Reitz 4, 28t. Princeton 3, 28t. Pike Central 3, 30. South Spencer 2, 31t. Evansville Day 1, 31t. Eastern (Pekin) 1, 31t. North Daviess 1.
Girls individual results (top 3 to State): 100 ‘ 1. Aaliya Armstead (ER) 12.53, 2. Karaline Staggs (HH) 12.92, 3. Yamani Hunter (EB); 200 ‘ 1. Aubrey Main (Sthrg) 26.61, 2. Chyna Anthony (NA) 27.01, 3. Jordan Toney (EH) 27.06; 400 ‘ 1. Mallory Mulzer (ER) 57.21, 2. Aubrey Main (Sthrg) 59.12, 3. Annie Stout (Jsp) 59.36; 800 ‘ 1. Sienna Crews (HH) 2:16.69, 2. Bayley Wade (Prov) 2:20.65, 3. Faith Barba (FC) 2:22.18; 1,600 ‘ 1. Presley Warren (ER) 5:17.02, 2. Sienna Crews (HH) 5:22.00, 3. Kyley Sorg (FC) 5:22.41; 3,200 ‘ 1. Presley Warren (ER) 11:17.01, 2. Kassidy Manning (FC) 11:23.14, 3. Hannah Welsh (Jsp) 11:27.31; 100 hurdles ‘ 1. Regene Gill (EH) 15.12, 2. Zoie Hamby (EC) 16.23, 3. Jenni Webster (Cstl) 16.35; 300 hurdles ‘ 1. Sydney Capelle (Cor) 46.76, 2. Echeoma Eze (NA), 3. Zoie Hamby (EC) 48.26; 400 relay ‘ 1. New Albany 48.85, 2. Evansville Bosse 50.08, 3. Mt. Vernon 50.60; 1,600 relay ‘ 1. Evansville Reitz 4:01.53, 2. Castle 4:07.99, 3. Gibson Southern 4:08.33; 3,200 relay ‘ 1. Evansville Reitz 9:39.47, 2. Boonville 9:47.86, 3. Evansville North 9:52.71; High jump ‘ 1. Aubrey Main (Sthrg) 5-4, 2. Zuriel Sanders (EC) 5-4J, 3. Paige Jones (VL) 5-4J; Pole vault ‘ 1. Taylor Trettor (FP) 10-3, 2. Maddie Wilson (Cstl) 10-0, 3. Rylie Smith (FC) 9-6; Long jump ‘ 1. Yamani Hunter (EB) 19-1-1/4, 2. Aaliyah Armstead (ER) 18-6, 3. Kaitlyn Davis (Wash) 16-11 1/2; Shot put ‘ 1. Stephanie Sherwood (ER) 41-8, 2. Zuriel Sanders (EC) 41-0, 3. Kassidie Haye (TC) 40-6-1/2; Discus ‘ 1. Stephanie Sherwood (ER) 123-10, 2. Ashley Oliver (Cor) 116-4, 3. Alyssa Bright (GS) 114-6.