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Monroe, Jackson made stop in Corydon

Monroe, Jackson made stop in Corydon Monroe, Jackson made stop in Corydon
Karen Schwartz, Special to The Corydon Democrat

Two men of national prominence visited Corydon in 1819.
President James Monroe and future president Gen. Andrew Jackson paid a visit to Corydon on June 22, of that year. They had journeyed here on official government business to inspect Gov. Jonathan Jennings’ administration of Indian affairs. Monroe and Jackson stopped in briefly for refreshments at David Craig’s Tavern, that was located along Elm Street, then traveled to Gov. Jennings’ mansion on nearby East Walnut Street, though they did not linger at either place.
The residents were disappointed when the pair declined an invitation issued by Daniel C. Lane, William Lilly, John Tipton and Joshua Wilson to partake of a public dinner at Mr. Ligget’s the next day at 3 pm.
Jackson’s reply: ‘The President being compelled by previous engagements to leave this place tomorrow morning, I am under the necessity of denying myself the pleasure of dining with you. For your polite attentions, permit me to present to you my sincere acknowledgments.’
Monroe’s reply: ‘It is with great regret that I am compelled to decline the kind invitation of the citizens of Corydon to dine with them tomorrow. Having experience greater delay in my journey along the coast and through the interior country, since I left the coast, than I had cause to anticipate, it becomes necessary for me to use all expedition in reaching Washington, where urgent considerations demand my presence. A sense of public duty, alone, could deprive me of passing tomorrow, with citizens of your town, which motive, I am confident, you will duly appreciate.’
Jennings, Gen. John Tipton and several other residents accompanied the pair for several miles out of town when they set out for Louisville the next morning at 5.
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