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HWES principal on ‘Rachael Ray Show’

HWES principal on ‘Rachael Ray Show’
HWES principal on ‘Rachael Ray Show’
Rachael Ray, second from right, praises Nissa Ellett last week on the "Rachael Ray Show." Ellett, the principal at Heth-Washington Elementary School, helped raise some $17,000 to provide clothing and other items for the students. Photo by Tom Zuback

In honor of Mother’s Day, Heth-Washington Elementary School principal Nissa Ellett was a guest on the ‘Rachael Ray Show’ on Louisville station WDRB Channel 41 on Friday morning.
Ellett caught the eye of the popular daytime talk show host after she helped raise some $17,000 last winter to purchase new shoes, gloves, hoodie, sock hat, candy and Chapstick for each student at the school.
Seventy-five percent of the students’ families are at or below the poverty rate, and Ellett had said that multiple times this school year she’s had to repair shoes using duct tape.
‘Congratulations on being the definition on what is to be a success in life,’ Ray told Ellett during the segment, which was taped earlier in the week in New York City.
A camera crew from Ray’s show came to the school April 30 and interviewed a few students to go along with a video about the December’s shoe giveaway.
During the segment Friday, Ellett learned that, an online shoe retailer, heard about the story and donated a $10,000 gift card so additional shoes could be purchased this year.
In addition, Ellett’s daughter, Abby, was on hand to present her mother a $3,000 diamond bracelet from Helzberg Diamonds for Mother’s Day.
While the ‘Rachael Ray Show’ was the pinnacle of the trip to New York, Nissa and Abby also spent time on Fifth Avenue shopping, wandering in Central Park, as well as having third-row seats for the Broadway play ‘Wicked.’