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Residents, CO Hash save injured owl

Residents, CO Hash save injured owl Residents, CO Hash save injured owl

With the help of keen-eyed Crandall resident Julie Timberlake, a young, injured barred owl was rescued Sunday morning from the side of S.R. 335.
Timberlake spotted the owl east of the state roads 135 and 335 intersection and called her nephew, Ethan Bliss, who picked it up and away from the busy state road and placed it in his truck.
Timberlake said four buzzards were bothering the owl before Bliss came to its rescue.
Bliss called Indiana Conservation Officer Jim Hash, who transported the owl to a licensed federal rehabilitation facility at Hardy Lake.
Hash said barred owls are quite common in this area and are known for their evening calls that sound like ‘who cooks, who cooks for you.’
The owl, probably male, was believed to have a broken right shoulder bone, most likely from an impact/collision with a vehicle, Hash said.
Hash said a licensed veterinarian will examine the bird and make a determination if it can be completely rehabilitated and released, or it could possibly be used in an educational capacity if the wing, or a portion of the wing, has to be removed.
Barred owls live in large, mature forests made up of both deciduous and evergreen trees, often near water. They nestle in tree cavities.
‘Owls are considered a raptor and, just as eagles and hawks, are federally protected,’ Hash said. ‘Anyone locating one with an injury should contact their local conservation officer through our Central Dispatch at 1-812-837-9536.’
Hash said the only licensed rehabilitation location in the region is Hardy Lake.