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Convention for twins promises double the fun

If you’re seeing double in a couple of weeks, don’t panic. There will be no need to run out and get your eyes checked. Odds are you’ll just be seeing the guests of honor at the Twin Production/Take 2 twin convention.
The gathering, which will be Saturday, April 18, from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Crawford County 4-H Community Park south of Marengo, is expected to draw twins of all ages.
Organizer Sharon Wilson said she already has received a call from a 92-year-old woman who plans on attending with her twin sister.
‘She said they’re so excited,’ Wilson said.
However excited they may be, it likely pales in comparison to Wilson. Having gotten the idea a couple of years ago, she has been working for the better part of a year to put together the inaugural event.
Wilson, who has worked at the Crawford County Tourism Office for more than a decade, not only is thrilled about bringing a new event to the county, but, being a twin herself, she is excited about getting together with people who have had the same experiences as her and her sister, Shirley Gilliland.
‘I can’t wait to find out some of the stories of the twins,’ she said.
For instance, Wilson recalled getting extremely sick years ago when Gilliland was living in Florida. When Wilson, who hadn’t talked to Gilliland, went to the doctor, she was given a clean bill of health. Perplexed about what was causing her to feel ill, the doctor asked about her sister. When Wilson said Gilliland was pregnant, he concluded that Wilson’s sickness was sympathy pains.
Wilson, who noted that Gilliland has twin grandchildren, also wants to see if other twins have multiple sets in their families.
Following registration, during which every twin, sticking with the movie theme, will receive a clapboard name tag made by Janet Webster of Crawford County, a poem will be read aloud and Wilson will lead a question-and-answer session.
In addition, each set of twins is asked to dress alike and remain together throughout the afternoon.
Adding to the ‘twin’ fun, Wilson, who has secured donations from area businesses, said each table will have packages of Twinkies and Doublemint gum.
Plus, chainsaw artist Paul Moon is making a carving from a photo of Wilson and Gilliland when they were children, and photographer Lisa Bean will be set up for those wishing to purchase photos with their twin.
Twins are also asked to bring a photo frame with five to 10 photos of themselves together.
Registration is required and costs $5 per twin. The deadline to do so is April 10.
For more information, call Wilson at the Crawford County Tourism Office at 1-888-755-2282.
The event will not be open to the public. Children younger than 18 must be accompanied by no more than two adults.