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Crawford lifters place well at South Spencer

The Crawford County High School weightlifting program had a good weekend at South Spencer in the Southern Indiana Bench and Squat Championships, placing in the freshman/sophomore division for the first time in the school’s history.
More than 150 lifters from 32 schools competed in the freshman/sophomore division with the Wolfpack finishing third overall.
In the 125-pound-and-under weight class, Crawford County freshman Dustin McClure finished second with a combined weight of 355 pounds behind Perry Central’s Lane Hilgenhold. Freshman Kaleb Newton was fourth in the class with 250 pounds, and freshman Noah Sturgeon was eighth at 120 pounds.
In the 126-to-135 class, Cody Main was second, lifting 200 pounds in the squat and 260 in the bench press for a total of 460 pounds. Darius Sutton, a sophomore, was second in the 146-to-155 weight class with a total of 490 pounds, while freshman Dylan Sheckells finished eighth at 440 pounds combined.
Sophomore Tyler Young was third in the 156-to-165-pound class with a total 515 pounds (235 squat and 280 bench), while Tristin Brown finished 10th at 280 pounds followed by Kyle Majors at 11th with 190 pounds.
Alan Satterfield was 17th in the 166-to-175-pound class with a total weight of 280 pounds with Hunter Andrew 19th at 160. Brenden Crecelius finished fifth in the 176-to-185-pound class with 440 pounds total.
In the 186-to-200-pound class, freshman Matt Dearborn was ninth with a total 490 pounds. In the 216-pound-and-over class, Crawford County freshman Ryan Farlar finished fourth with a total 660 pounds, lifting 225 pounds in the bench and 415 pounds in the squat.
‘This was the first time we have ever placed as a team,’ lifting director and football coach Alan Hess said of his freshmen and sophomore classes.
In the junior-senior division, Crawford County senior Andrew Patton, also a wrestler and football player, brought home the first-place hardware in the 126-to-135-pound class, lifting 200 pounds in the bench and squatting 300 pounds for a total of 500 pounds of weight.
In the 166-to-175-pound class, junior Conner Brown finished fourth, lifting a total of 525 pounds of weight. Junior Carter Howerton earned a second-place finish in the 186-to-200-pound class with a combined total of 590 pounds, lifting 260 in the squat and 330 in the bench press.