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SH trustees hear study results

A study to determine the quality of buildings in the South Harrison Community School Corp. was given to the corporation’s board of trustees Nov. 11 at its regular meeting, which took place in the auditorium on the South Central campus near Elizabeth.
The study, conducted by Michell Timperman Ritz, noted each room’s capacity in the district, the optimum class size, current class size and any recommendations for use of space.
It was determined that school facility maintenance was ‘above average,’ meaning all schools were being maintained properly.
The only major recommendations noted were at South Central Junior-Senior High School, where the firm determined that the cafeteria appeared to be overcrowded at times.
‘The source of the problem may be the current layout of the serving area,’ the report reads.
The report also said that new kitchen equipment is needed.
At all of the schools, most of the current class sizes were at or under the optimum class size, with a very small percentage being slightly over the optimum number.
‘I think this is a testament to the job that our maintenance staff and our school staffs have done,’ Dr. Mark Eastridge, South Harrison superintendent, said.
During his superintendent’s report, Eastridge said that more than 250 students took part in the fall intersession. He said he was pleased with the number considering it’s technically a vacation week.
In another matter, during board members’ communications, trustee Karen Lopp said she would like to see the Ten Commandments posted in each of the schools.
‘I know that we can’t teach it,’ Lopp said.
After initially cringing at the request, Eastridge said, ‘We’ll have to talk to our attorney on that one.’
In 1980, to prevent public schools from displaying the Ten Commandments year-round, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Kentucky statute that mandated every public school classroom have the Ten Commandments posted on its walls.