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Couple drawn to Corydon to ‘plant’ new church

Couple drawn to Corydon to ‘plant’ new church
Couple drawn to Corydon to ‘plant’ new church
Penni and Sean Davis, pastor of the newly formed One Church, speak with Heather Schmelz outside of the Corydon Jamboree last Wednesday afternoon. The church services, set to begin Sept. 7, will take place at 10 a.m. at the Jamboree. Photo by Ross Schulz

Sean Davis has known for many years that one day he would begin his own church; he just didn’t know when or where.
Sean grew up in the Indianapolis suburb of Speedway before moving to California and eventually settling down with his wife, Penni, in Omaha, Neb.
Even though Sean attended a Lutheran church throughout his childhood, he said his true love for Christ wasn’t realized until attending a Christmas service in Omaha, at the urging of one of his co-workers.
‘When I walked in, it was incredible,’ he said. ‘It was the love of God displayed personally. That day is the day I dedicated my life to Christ.’
So, what drew Pastor Sean and his wife to Corydon? The Rhett and Link video about Butt Drugs, of course.
Penni Davis watched the video (on and the couple decided they wanted to visit the store and the area. They planned a July vacation last year with their granddaughter to Corydon and stayed in a cabin along Blue River. As soon as the couple made their way into the Corydon area, Sean Davis said they knew it was the place they wanted to live.
‘We’re home,’ he said. ‘We knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is where we want to retire and where we would plant a church.’
Penni Davis said they went from ‘vacation’ mode to ‘moving’ mode. When they returned to Omaha, they sold their house and bought one in downtown Corydon near Cedar Hill Cemetery and were moved in by March.
‘It’s awesome; we knew this was where we’re supposed to be,’ she said. ‘The town is amazing.’
The Davises kept their ears open for a place to start a church; a couple of venues were pursued but didn’t work out.
‘We prayed that whatever we did, God would open up doors we knew men couldn’t close, and he would close doors men couldn’t open,’ Sean said. ‘We put our complete faith in God … and he’s blown our minds.’
One day while in Head Bean coffee shop in downtown Corydon, Sean was introduced to local attorney Ron Simpson, who suggested the Corydon Jamboree as a possible location for church services. So, Sean spoke with Jean Ann Birkle, proprietor of the Jamboree, and things got rolling quickly.
‘She was immediately into the idea of us having services here,’ Sean said.
The site is phenomenal for church services, he said, and it is quite a blessing from the generous Jamboree folks.
‘It was truly unexpected,’ Penni added.
The first services for One Church will be Sunday, Sept. 7, at 10 a.m. at the Corydon Jamboree.
Pastor Sean doesn’t want to compete with other churches in the area, which, he said, are doing great things.
‘We have to be about the Father’s business,’ said Sean, who was an associate pastor for a number of years in Omaha. ‘As long as there are hurting and lost souls, there can’t be too many life-giving churches.’
Sean added that the church will be about getting back to the basics of the Bible and their core scripture is Ephesians 4, verses 2 through 6. The desire of the church, he said, is to reach the unchurched.
‘We want to build a church family here, one that will impact the community,’ he said.
He also said they would eventually like to partner with other churches to help out in the community.
‘We’re super excited,’ he said. ‘The people have been really great, so welcoming.’
For now, the church will have Sunday services only, each week at 10 a.m. Eventually, a mid-week and/or gospel sing on Sunday evenings may be added.
‘We’ll see what the core group looks like, and we’ll go from there,’ he said of the congregation.
For more information, call 812-572-6799 or visit online at The Corydon Jamboree is located at 220 Hurst Lane in downtown Corydon.